Can you help me out please?

I have been playing with something on the Internet that is supposed to change the typeface (Font) (appearance of the words) on the blog here and I have no way of knowing if other people are seeing the changes the same way I am seeing them, so I am writing this short post in the hopes that somebody will come on and tell me, “It looks the same as it ever did to me” or “Yes, I can see that the looks of your text has changed.”

The “Font” that I am trying to use right now is called “Lucida Handwriting” and it is supposed to look like something that somebody would do with a paper and pen — a sort of script — something that looks like handwriting ….

I am not fond of this font and if it is coming across and if other people are seeing it, then my question will have been answered and I can return to something plainer and easier to read.

So, what do you think? Is the font changing device working or not?

Last night was a little better

I slept better last night than I had been sleeping. I took a capsule of cayenne pepper with some sardines about an hour before going to bed and my nasal passages remained clear all through the night.

The weather is moderating a bit here — unseasonably warm — very welcome circumstance!

New breakfast dish — Cut a large potato and one medium onion into bite-sized chunks and boil them until tender.¬† Discard the water from the boiling and drain the vegetables well — Add 1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese, Two ounces crisp fried bacon, One or two scrambled eggs, Salt and Pepper to taste. (You are welcome.)

I wish my teachers had known something

I was a school kid back in the dark ages (1944-1956) and I have to tell you (Looking back now) that many (If not most) of my school teachers were either dumb as boxes of rocks or their college education was mostly in such subjects as “Girl Chasing,” “Sports” and “Partying.”

My 8th Grade Science teacher insisted that there would never be a manned Moon mission because there was no way on earth that anybody could ever construct an engine powerful enough to help a massively-heavy space vehicle escape the orbit of the Earth.

My Grade School “Biology” teacher could easily be trapped into talking about all his experiences in the Korean War — thus completely wasting the entire 45-minutes of class time. I did learn something about “Biology” however. I learned that tropical fish imprisoned in a large, well-lit and well-heated aquarium could not tolerate the introduction into the tank of any significant amounts of silver nitrate chemical.

At lunch time, as I often went to the school cafeteria where several local women hired as cooks (Mostly Farmers’ Wives) would prepare some sumptuous dishes for us students to purchase at 25-cents per plate. Sometimes the dishes weren’t all that sumptuous though and I am recalling the chili-con-carne that was created by one large lady who thought that the culinary delight could be sufficiently constructed with minimal ingredients. So I got a bowl of chili made entirely from a combination of canned beans, ketchup, chili powder and water. Gross!

My “Math” teacher insisted that we learn how to do every step of “Problems” in our head because “When you are grown and have gotten yourselves jobs, you are going to need Math skills in order to function normally in Society.” — Today I do all my math on the computer … a computer that knows a lot more about Math than I do and which is very much faster than I am. — But to give some credit to the teachers of the era, all an ordinary slob like myself was ever going to need to do with Math anyway was to learn how to read the numbers on a paycheck to make sure we got everything that we had worked for.

My “Professor” in college (History Of The World 101) taught me that he had written a book on his subject matter … a book that was essential to obtaining a passing grade in his course … a book that was severely overpriced and written in the most incomprehensibly difficult language imaginable. Besides teaching me about the need to buy a book, this “Professor” also taught me how to repeat “Along The Way” at least a Hundred times or more during a lecture. I learned a lot about “Along The Way” but not so much about Hammurabi and his legal system. (Typical of the average dimwit Liberal professor of the time period.) — But I did manage to get a great grade in his class by making up to him and his dumb-assed dog with the red hair and buying both him and his dog endless chocolate sundaes at a local ice cream shop.

Another teacher (A man of sorts) taught me some lessons in morality one day when I was caddying for him at a local golf course (He was going to pay me for the day because he thought I needed the extra cash … which I did …) and when he fondled me all the way home from the golf course as we were driving along and I was sitting there turning as red as a beet and wondering what to say to him to make him leave his hands to himself,. Did I mention that I got straight “A” grades in that course for the rest of the semesters and never once turned in an assignment of homework? LOL.

Those were the days, my friend — I was glad when they finally ended.

The Modern SEO Model

I am being told by experts that worrying about “Categories” and “Tags” on my blog isn’t very much important anymore ( as it was years ago ) because the Google Algorithms are becoming smarter now and can sniff out the meaning behind the words we ordinarily use.

So the idea they are selling to me is that Google is pretty much doing our search engine optimization work for us now and we don’t have to be so much concerned with all the keywords and categories efforts like we once were required to remain conscious of doing in order to get better page rankings in the search engines on the web.

If that is anywhere near true, then I am going to be one happy camper.

I Messed Up Big Time

Somehow I managed to lose all my precious “Cascading Sheet” changes that I made on the blog. I lost the beautiful yellow green header, the bold type in the sidebar … Oh what a mess! — But, with some patience, I will be able to restore it all because I do know something about CSS. In the meantime, I am going to have to settle for being “Plain Jane” on the site here. Sorry about that!

Pet Peeve No. 198,901:

My friend has shared his pet peeve with me for this morning and it concerns his Social Security “Entitlement.” Of course I know … and everybody knows … that Social Security is not an “Entitlement” even though the greedy grabbers in Washington would like to make people think it is an entitlement.

Anyway, the “Peeve” is that everytime a Social Security recipient gets a cost of living raise ….. you know about those occasional little pittances they add to your checks, don’t you? — Supposed to be an “Increase” to benefit the recipients, right? But every time¬†there is a cost of living raise in the Social Security checks, it seems that Medicare swoops right down and grabs every last cent of it.

My friend doesn’t think it’s fair and I don’t think it’s fair and I am suggesting that everybody who gets slammed in this manner start making a nuisance of themselves at their elected Representatives’ offices! Let the “Burgermeisters in D.C.,” know that citizens are sick of this kind of flim-flammery and would like to have something done to legislate it into impossibility so that the Social Security Beneficiaries can get the benefit of their cost of living increases.

December 11, 2018

Today has been alright. I have been out and about with my friend and constant companion, Jim, and we went to a very large antique mall in a nearby city. Jim collects collector glass, Grecian and Roman-style reproduction vases, pottery and statuary and a kind of ceramic from the 1960s called weeping gold. I scour the book shelves and will occasionally purchase something or other that may catch my eye. The last thing I bought at an antique place was a nicely preserved old Gillette adjustable razor which I now use once in a while just for old time’s sake.


Since I like to eat at Skyline Chili restaurants (I am not being compensated for mentioning any brand names or trademarks or business places on this blog), we went there and enjoyed a dish known popularly as 5-way chili. Five-way chili consists of cooked spaghetti covered with a generous serving of a particular chili-con-carne called “Cincinnati Chili” and in addition to the spaghetti and chili, the dish also comes laden with generous portions of shredded cheddar cheese, beans and onion. They serve customers unlimited servings of oyster crackers too. It is all very nice and I have been eating (On and off) at this restaurant chain since 1954.

That just about covers my “Diary” items for the day.