Poor Old President Washington

Lonely cabin in the American Wilderness — a hapless cherry tree — a precocious youth with an axe — cannot tell a lie — became the first president of the United States!


A lot of Americans treasure the notion of the young man from virtually nowhere, having virtually nothing to his name, being elevated to the highest office in the Land — but the fact is that George Washington was the richest president in the entire history of The United States, having had, at one time, assets worth in excess of Five Hundred Million dollars ($500-Million) — in comparison to our rate of exchange as of today.

Something else about him too —– He manufactured a distinct brand of moonshine-like whiskey (for which he had a license and paid his taxes) — and I wish I could get my hands on a bottle of it. I am sure it would be worth a pretty penny today.

In true American character (for the era in which he lived,) the first President of this “Land of The Free” is said to have had a known 800 slaves in his “employ.”

Our first president was also the wealthiest. Research from Wall Street 24/7 listed Washington as the wealthiest president of all time, with assets worth more than $500 million.

Everything Seems Normal

Here it is Wednesday already and there doesn’t seem to be anything at all that is new in the world in which we all live.

There are a lot of sensational stories on the evening News — stories designed to trigger people’s inborn appetites for the grotesque, the tragic, the bizarre — but then, when you think about it, that is the way the Media have of making their money, isn’t it?

I know that if I heard something on the News that would qualify as “Good News” I would find it totally boring and uninteresting. — That is the reason that I cannot stand those now-popular few-minute tear jerkers at the end of some of the newscasts talking about how this person or that person with this handicap or that handicap has overcome their handicaps. I am glad for the individuals who have overcome their physical difficulties but I am damned sick and tired of the News Media exploiting them.

By the way, this “Story” about the guy who walked into an embassy and never re-emerged holds no interest for me whatsoever and I doubt it holds any interest for most of my flatulent, beer-drinking co-habitors of this planet either. And if I am forced to watch one more English cooking show on TV, I am going to smash the damned thing! (No, I am not going to do that but that is how I feel sometimes.).

I don’t care if Megan Markle or whoever she is is going to have a baby either. I doubt I will be invited to the christening or to the first birthday party so I don’t care and I don’t understand why anybody else except her and her family would care either. I can tell you about a dozen births that took place in and around the place where I live and not one of them made the evening News — and I wonder about that too.

I guess the immigrant and the migrant situations have settled down now because I am not seeing or hearing anything about either one of them on the news these days.

My blood pressure is still elevated but I am starting to believe that is because I might be obsessing about it and causing it to rise as I take my readings. I am still here and that is good as far as I am concerned even if it might pose problems for some others who are not particularly interested in whether I am here or not.

The furnace has kicked on so it must be cold outside. There is some frost out there so it must be cold. (I prefer the cold to the devastating heat any day.).

Now there are a few opinions and observations from this totally irrelevant person (Me) so please enjoy them and await delivery of my next masterpiece of mundane-ness.


Chilling Or Thrilling


It’s all so interesting!

There is a story I found on Twitter claiming that the Trump Administration has obtained search warrants to probe the Facebook accounts of thousands of people identified as anti-Trump protesters and that the requests by the administration for this information goes back to a time even before the election of 2016.

The story has allegedly appeared in the New York Post but because of copyright concerns, I am only linking to that story here because there is a picture on the story and I am not going to fight with some copyright-violation claim from somewhere.

You can read it for yourself: — https://nypost.com/2017/09/28/department-of-justice-demands-facebook-account-information-of-anti-trump-activists/

Pope Accepts Cardinal’s Resignation

The problem, as reported by the BBC seems to lie in the area of accusations surrounding the child sex abuse mess within the Catholic Church:

Here is what the headline on the story had to say:

“Pope accepts Donald Wuerl’s resignation as Washington DC archbishop.

Given all the bad news I have heard flowing out of the Media about the misdeeds of some of the church’s higher-ups, I am prone to ask, “Who is going to accept the resignation of this pope and when is it going to happen?

I would venture a guess that I am not the only living person who is asking this or a similar question these days.

Could things get any worse?

More Audio Experimenting

I found this nifty online sound mixer and if I can make it work properly, I believe I can make permanent recordings that will not disappear from the blog.

One of the interesting features of this mixer is that I can adjust frequencies to try to make the recordings crystal clear. I also purchased a brand new dynamic microphone for the purpose. (I go all out when I do something, don’t I? LOL).

So here is another attempt at making an mp3 record that will stay on the blog and not do a disappearing act after awhile. Let us see: