Throw Out Your Romaine Lettuce!

Consumers are being urged to throw out any romaine lettuce they may have on hand and to make sure not to consume any of it! — This is all based on a new outbreak of the potentially deadly e-coli virus.

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Shopping On Line (Maybe)

No, No, Hell No …. I will not spend the extra money to join some kind of “Customer Club” with some online retailer so that I can purchase a product that I want and which they have decided is only available from them to customers who spend the extra money to join their little club.


If I want some product and have no choice but to buy it in that fashion, then I will look for the product from some other source (More than likely the manufacturer of the product themselves — and all such manufacturers usually have their own websites) or I will do without the product —- or I will find a suitable substitute.

So I guess my advice to my fellow potential online shoppers this evening is, “Look for what you want to purchase on more than one website because the deals can change from retailer to retailer and some online retailers may offer something at a far better price than others.”

Call Me “Hypocrite”

I was dorking around with sans-serif typefaces when I ran into another article on typeography by “Expurts” (ha! ha! ha!) telling me that serifs are alright sometimes if they are big enough on-screen and the one that most of the “Egg-Spurts” (ha! ha! ha!) agree on is ….. font-face, “Merriweather.”

So here, then, for your amusement and entertainment —- and maybe better readability —– is “Merriweather” at 20-pixel size.


Turkey Sandwich

Two slices whole wheat bread (240 calories) plus 4-ounces sliced white turkey breast (Roasted) = (155 calories) and Two tablespoons of mayonnaise …. the whole sandwich becomes 575 calories. (Add lettuce and onion and the addition of both of these extra things adds up to nothing significant in calories.) — Two such sandwiches throughout the day equals 1,150 calories leaving room for a rather significant dinner if one is so inclined and is allowed to do so by their personnel professional health care giver.

Serif Or Not? —– I have been reading up on what kinds of fonts are easier to read online and I have discovered that the “Experts” in online typography are recommending that I use a “Sans-Serif” font (Typeface) because the serifs on serif fonts are not as easy to read on a computer screen as the typefaces without the small curls known as “Serifs” on the serif fonts.

So, until somebody leaves a comment and tells me differently, I am trying out a sans-serif font called “Open Sans” to see how it plays with my wonderful and most sincerely appreciated readers — and if they like it, then I will go with it (for awhile anyway) and if they tell me they don’t like it, I will change it yet once again.

I have noted, over the period of the Seven years that I have been writing this blog, that there are a dozen or more other blogs out there on the Internet who do not expend the effort to create the kind of “Catchy” headlines for their blog posts that most of the blogging “Experts” (a.k.a. “Egg-Spurts”) keep on harping about.


In point of fact, one of the most-read blogs on the Internet (A blog claiming to have “Thousands” of readers every day) never used to bother with writing headings for their posts but presented them in exactly the same way as I am presenting the one that you are reading at this moment.

I have discovered that by the judicious (and sometimes ‘Creative’) use of “Categories and Tags,” the need for headings on blog posts seems to be totally unnecessary.

I have also discovered that when I do not create “Catchy” headings for my posts, my numbers go up dramatically.

I am wondering if there is some lesson I should be learning from all this?