No New Broadband Provider For Me

I’m not getting a new broadband service provider just yet! I am still steamed at what happened when I tried to do so yesterday. Interesting story. Let me tell it to you.


I am not going to mention the name of the broadband internet hotspot provider whose store I visited yesterday in the hopes of getting what I thought was a most generous data allowance at a really reasonable price because, even though their business model might be a little off-putting to me, I assume it is similar to the models used by a lot of other broadband companies —- except the one I am currently using, apparently.

The data plan that I was looking at with the potential new supplier was a little more than half again as much as my current provider allows me at almost half the cost of what I am paying at the moment.

No do not misunderstand me: I am not complaining about my broadband supplier. In fact, they have probably the biggest network in the world and the best customer service department — a customer service department that bends over backwards to please me and who has never failed to gain a really advantageous resolution for me to any problem I have ever taken to them.

But I was thinking of adding the new provider as a back up and, if they performed well for me, I might have entertained using them exclusively.

So I went to their store and met some of the nicest people in the world standing behind counters, ready and willing to make me a happy camper in their environment and with their product.

I do not know the number of questions they asked me or how many personal questions they threw at me, but it wasn’t long before I felt like I was being grilled by some government agency for a security clearance or something …. definitely more information than I thought was necessary to gain access to what I thought was going to be a prepaid broadband data plan.

By the time they got around to asking me for my pin number for my Experian account (I had frozen all my credit accounts during a major identity theft scare a few years ago) I couldn’t remember the pin number — and the interview — and the sale of their product abruptly ended at that point. —- I left their store without my new data account and went to soak my sorrows in some fish and chips at a local restaurant.

I know a lot of companies use the same credit granting procedures but I thought it was a little much for the few dollars a month I would be paying them …. in advance ….. by automatic deduction from my bank account.

Have I mentioned yet that my current provider (whom I have been with constantly for the past Three years) has never once asked me for any credit information at all and we have had wonderful relations for those Three years …. and guess what ….. I have learned that the grass is probably not greener on the other side of the fence and I am sticking with my current provider!

I am a guy who likes things simple and I hate jumping through a lot of hoops to get something I want — especially since I have enough money to get almost anything I do want — and when I feel pressured or hassled, my cockles rise.

3 thoughts on “No New Broadband Provider For Me

  1. It seems very odd to me that a broadband provider would require a credit history check especially for what is a pre-paid or monthly plan. Without additional details, I can only assume the “backup” part of this is a mobile hotspot with a cellular provider in which case they would run most likely run your credit to finance the equipment to you. Can get around that by just paying for the equipment up front 🙂 That’s what I’ve done with my mobile phones for the last 4 years now. Anyway, with any modern smart mobile phone (Android/iOS) with a data plan, you can turn on tethering and have a “backup” in a pinch without having to purchase another plan. If there is a major incident, regardless of how many providers you have, hard line or mobile, they put all communications into voice/text mode and restrict data except for emergency services.


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