2018 And More Pelosi

I have campaign fatigue from enduring all the media advertising during this mid-term election cycle and now they are telling me that the parties are getting their game organized for the 2020 Presidential race.

OMG! — I guarantee you that there will be a lot less stressful TV watching and Radio listening at the Liming mansion during the coming months because I am tired of being to made to feel like a fool by all the talking heads with agendas.

And — something I never thought I would live to see ….. Nancy Pelosi assuming another prominent political presence …… I thought when Boehmer took over as Speaker of The House we had seen the last of nancy …… But I guess I was mistaken. —- I can’t take it!

I had intended to include some “Thoughts and Prayers” for the families of the victims of the latest mass shooting out in California but then I stopped short and asked myself, “What good does thoughts and prayers do for somebody who has lost a loved one in such a senseless tragedy? Besides which, more than 300 Americans have died at the hands of mass shooters already in 2018 and the year is nowhere near over yet …. well almost I guess ….. but not over until it’s over, right?

These tragedies are becoming so commonplace in America now that somebody like me is tempted to throw up our arms and say, “If the government hasn’t got the balls, the will or the power to put an end to these gun-related massacres/tragedies, then what the hell is the use of even talking about them anymore?

3 thoughts on “2018 And More Pelosi

  1. Mass shootings do seem to have become entrenched as part of the American way of life. I certainly see no end to them, and I don’t really think anything would be done even if someone killed 200 pre-school children, live on television.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Easier on the eyes than Mitch who looks like a turkey in heat….LOL The American society does not care about slain children…..there is too much other to worry about….like the price of kale. chuq


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