Random Musings and Surmisings

Don’t worry about who is following your blog and who is not because it changes on a dime and readers are as fickle sometimes as peanut-butter-encrusted peaches on a marshmallow tree. They come and they go and they never give a reason. So, watching followers all the time is an exercise in frustrated futility that I can do without and I don’t believe the practice is encouraging to anyone down here at the level where I operate. The rich guys with million dollar blogs and their own servers might see things differently but us grunts are lucky if anyone ever sees us or pays attention to what we have to say.

I do love to write though because one never knows when somebody might come along and actually like what you have to say —- I am blessed with at least Three such wonderful folks and I am so grateful for all three of them that I could absolutely lost control of my (fill in the blanks) sometimes …. Yes, I am blessed by those who follow me and who talk back and forth with me  …. even when they disagree with me I love them dearly!

The weather is colder here today and my little wild birdies are off their feed (Or they are coming to the feeders at a time when I am not paying attention.) — I did have to go out and scrape their food off the floor of the feeders one morning because it froze and it was no time before they came in droves and were very enthusiastic about gobbling everything in sight.

My birdies get the best of everything and I have the following types of food on hand for them — and in adequate supply too: (a) cracked corn, (b) wild bird seed mixture, (c) hulled safflower seeds, (d) black oil sunflower seeds, (e) millet and (f) peanuts shared by the woodpeckers, the blue jays and the squirrels. —- Nobody goes hungry at the Liming household.

I went out and bought another dozen bandana handkerchiefs this morning and that brings my entire collection of snot rags to — a whole bureau drawer full! — I always do everything to excess! —– I counted my bottles of mens’ cologne this morning and discovered that there are more than 20 of them on hand and each one costs anywhere from $25 to $75 per bottle with one particular flavor coming in at a whopping $264 for a less-than-two-ounce decanter. I do love my smell-good concoctions! — I recently also went on a sport coat-buying frenzy and now there are 12 of them hanging in one of my closets!~ I know, I know — pretentious, ostentatious, flagrant and ill-mannered flaunting, right? — Tough titty, folks! I was once so poor I prayed to God to let me live in a place where there was hot water running through a faucet!

I guess when you are old as I am, something happens to your brain and you go a little bit crazy sometimes …. but if you talk to some of my close friends you might discover that as far as they are concerned, I have always been that way! LOL.

3 thoughts on “Random Musings and Surmisings

  1. I have used the same fragrance for more than 20 years (Obsession), and it costs less than £30 a bottle. I don’t own a single bandana, or a sports jacket. But I did buy a two-piece suit recently, in case I have to wear it to a funeral! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Hankies, lol. Never used them. Sport coats are cool but I could never pull them off. Always looked like a dork trying to hard, so I stick with the full zip hoodie instead.

    Don’t worry about followers. I stopped a long time ago because I don’t do what I do for them. It’s nice that they are there, but I’d be here even if it was zero.


  3. I guess I am fortunate…I seem to keep most followers at least the ones that feel the necessity to comment……too old to give a crap if I smell good or not….a sports coat…not something that I would wear…but hey do what feels good, right? chuq


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