The Divisive Mid-Terms

Experts — (Ha Ha Ha!) — are saying that the American Mid-Terms were divided and that the country is still divided —– If that is true (and I have no reason to believe that it is not true) —– then maybe the divisive Mid-Terms taking place in a still-divided country are just the thing that is needed to bring the divided country together again —- and if that is not the case, then maybe the divisive Mid Terms in the divided country are the living picture of what cohesive division looks like and maybe that is the future of America! (The Divided States of America) —– I have always said this country has become too big and too diverse to be able to be governed …. regardless of the form such an attempt at governance might take.

3 thoughts on “The Divisive Mid-Terms

  1. Division will remain…..there are ways we could change this but it would mean a hard lift and Congress is not capable of that….they depend too much on cash from lobbyists and corporations…..we could start with election reform….but that is wishful thinking…..chuq


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