Another Pretty Face In The Crowd

I believe this article should be required reading for every concerned American:

Of course, the apologists, the enablers and the communists masquerading as democrats will not agree …. but screw them!

but wait! There’s more!

2 thoughts on “Another Pretty Face In The Crowd

  1. I think everyone in public life, even Mr Trump, has to be prepared to face some ridicule. We have T-shirts mocking Mrs May, and during the Thatcher era, I had one mocking her. That’s modern life.
    🙂 People in the US used to wear lampooning masks of Richard Nixon, as I recall.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. That site has a heavy conservative lean, however they make some good points. I believe the author has taken some shock and awe creativity with his tone though. Just proves there is a source on the Internet to back any opinion, one of the major problems the world is having right now.


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