What A Day It Has Been!

First of all, I have been struggling with my T-Mobile account management screen for the past two days because it has been such that I was unable to see how much broadband data I had been using and I am on a monthly limit of data. —– But I have to tell you that the customer service agent at T-Mobile has been working with me faithfully and consistently throughout the entire ordeal and has been so patient, understanding, kind and helpful that I am simply overwhelmed with gratitude. —– As of 9:54 PM this evening, the program apparently began to work properly again (Thanks mainly to the efforts of the wonderful T-Mobile Agent on the other end) and I will be checking it out first thing in the morning to make sure it is still working the way it was designed to work.

I started adding raw vegetable salads to my diet today and I will keep on doing that for a while to see if it actually will help me lose some weight.

My wild bird friends suddenly decided to come home again from wherever they had been roaming and they literally stormed the feeders today —– and I was warmed with gratitude —– I love my little wild birdies!

I tried out the Opera browser and the Fire Fox browser today and although they are great browsers, I am still more comfortable with Chrome and that is where I am right now and that is where I will probably stay.

I found a program that says it can change the fonts on my blog so I decided to choose font-face “Roboto Slab” because it looks like the one another blog that a friend of mine in England runs, “Beetley Pete” —– and I am hoping that other people can see “Roboto Slab” on my blog because if they can, it means the extension program that I am using is working and that would make me very happy indeed. —–I need to mention that I bolded the typeface to make it stand out more for my readers who may experience vision challenges. —- I mentioned “Beetley Pete” just a few words ago in this paragraph where you are now reading and I wanted to take a minute and suggest that you go over and check his more-than-magnificent blog out. He covers music and movies and books and news and some fiction that he writes himself and it is just an amazingly well-done blog and i sneak over and read it all the time and I really like it and I recommend it: You can Beetley Pete’s blog —- ( RIGHT HERE)

While at the shopping center this afternoon, I picked up a package of razor blades for shaving — razor blades with blades made in Switzerland and handles made in China — I can’t wait to see if that was Two Dollars well spent or not. There are four (4) blades to each razor so I am waiting —- They will either pull and tear my whiskers out by the roots or they will cut them smoothly. Chinese razors have always tended to give me razor rash so I will see what these news ones do for me or “To” me as the case may be.

2 thoughts on “What A Day It Has Been!

  1. Thanks for the much-appreciated mention, John.
    I used Firefox for many years, but found it slowed down as I worked. Chrome is consistent, and more reliable. I also tried Opera, but went back to Chrome. I think the worst of all is Internet Explorer, which has never worked well for me.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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