Hair’s To You!

I was wondering —– is there some prestigious award somewhere that one can win for such things as “Longest Protrusion Of Ear and/or Nasal Hair?”

And, if there is no prestigious award for these kinds of achievements, the next question is, “Should I tie Christmas ornaments to either of them this season?”

3 thoughts on “Hair’s To You!

  1. Guinness book of records might be the only place for such awards….have you noticed the older you get the more odd places you grow hair…LOL chuq


  2. I have seen pictures of people in India with nose hair stretching from their nostrils clear down to their belt sash at the waist. — and on a more somber note, why am I suddenly having to fill in all my g-mail, name and website information everytime I want to comment on your blog? (Not to mention having to give my wordpress password.)


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