Raw Vegetable Tips

I am not a nutritionist so what you are reading right now is only my own opinions and you definitely need to consult with your own health care professional if you even have the slightest idea of trying out any of the ideas that I talk about here on this blog post.


I have been trying to add more raw vegetables to my diet in an attempt to “Up” my chances at better weight control and overall general health — although at this writing I am healthy as a horse … as they say. LOL.

I eat lots of raw vegetables myself, but right now I am going to focus on a few of them for specific reasons. (Some vegetables are better if they are cooked lightly because some of them can cause digestive disturbances if eaten raw.)

But I am the kind of guy who often ignores his own suggestions so I end up seriously flatulating because I ate too much raw cauliflower — as an example of what I am talking about here.

ASPARAGUS: I never eat raw asparagus because, to me it tastes and feels too much like wood. I do not eat wood! So, I never eat raw asparagus.

POTATOES: I can’t stand the thought of eating raw potatoes even though my Mother used to do so. I always steam or bake my potatoes.

BRUSSEL SPROUTS: Uncooked brussel sprouts taste gross to me — and besides that, they alway seem to make me bloat out and start flatulating too much. I get really uncomfortable if I try eating raw brussels sprouts so I simply don’t do it. I always steam mine until they are tender.

CUCUMBERS:  There are some cucumbers that have big seeds in them and these always cause me a lot of gas and some bloat and a lot of discomfort. I always look for the long, green cucumbers with the ridges in them — the ones that have smaller seeds or no seeds at all … and I can usually manage to get by eating these raw …. although I do like to dip the slices into Ranch-style salad dressing.

The mention of salad dressing brings me to another point I want to address about eating raw vegetables:

Salad dressings can contain an awfully lot of calories if you are not careful when using them so if you are eating more raw vegetables in order to lose a little body weight — for example — it is very easy to defeat your goals by using too much prepared salad dressing.

Just check out the calories on the labels on your salad dressing bottles and see what I am talking about.

Basically I can’t stand raw vegetables without some kind of salad dressing and my personal favorite salad dressings  are poppy seed, sweet and sour and ranch.

Now, like I said when I started this post, this is “MY” thing and if you plan to go on some kind of regiment of your own, you need to consult with your own personal physician and get permission to do so. Do not, under any circumstance, copycat me on this unless you have cleared it with your doctor or your nutritionist.



7 thoughts on “Raw Vegetable Tips

  1. English cucs are easier to digest….or those big ones use a spoon and take out the seeds….worked for my mother,,,,,stir fried asparagus is excellent with lemon juice……chuq


  2. I can’t stand to eat things like raw cauliflower. I hate the taste, and the wind afterwards! 🙂
    I once worked with a health-nut who would sit and eat lots of raw cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage. Ten minutes later, and he could clear a room!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Never liked raw veggies. I usually steam them for 3-5 mins so they are still crunchy but not raw. Helps with the blanket blowing in the breeze, lol


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