Mediterranean Eating Pattern

There are some people who believe that eating in the style of a Mediterranean diet is a healthier choice and there are guidelines available concerning this trend that are available from The United States Government. This post is based on those guidelines for the interest of anyone who wishes to look at some of the details.

“The Healthy Mediterranean-Style Pattern contains more fruits and seafood and less dairy than does the Healthy U.S.-Style Pattern. The changes in these amounts were limited to calorie levels appropriate for adults, because children were not part of the studies used in modifying the Pattern. “

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Now then, there are many articles scattered all over the Internet about eating in the Mediterranean style and if you click on the following link I am sure you will be able to find a lot of the information about this subject that you are looking for:



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2 thoughts on “Mediterranean Eating Pattern

  1. The benefits of that diet have been lauded here for many years no. Trouble is, when you have nine months of ‘winter’, you tend to want something warm and filling inside. But if I lived in nine months of summer, I would definitely eat that food.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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