Winter Activities For Us Older Folks

Oh I am pretty sure that nobody but youngsters read this blog but on the off chance that there is somebody who is over 30 reading this blog, then I am going to include some suggestions I found on a government-sponsored website for all of us “Olders” to be a little more healthfully active when Old Man Winter comes blowing around.

Needless to say, I am not going to sit here at this keyboard and suggest that everybody past the age of young go out and buy a team of Huskies and a sled in order to have something to do this Winter …. That inclusion is just a tongue-in-cheek humorous thing that I thought of ….. although I might like to try it out if I had the open space to do it in. LOL.

Actually, I was thinking more on the order of going outdoors and helping the grandchildren to build a snowman or something. I am not going to go out and try to go out and go ice skating because I am too fat and too old and I do not relish the idea of breaking something that might be hard or painful to repair. But I am sure there are some “Olders” somewhere who could get away with it if they were pretty flexible, fairly athletic, had permission from their doctors and kept the kids close at hand to steady one on the skates and to help prevent potentially disastrous crashes on the ice. (Or to prevent the unfortunate picture of Grandpa or Grandma disappearing into a hole in the ice. 

In lieu of handily-accessible relatives to attend the snowman building or the ice skating, perhaps one could entertain the notion of just going outside and walking around the house or the neighborhood ….. but of course, make sure you take your passport, your birth certificate, your driver license and a lot of other documents to prove who you are in case some nervous Nellie calls the police on the “Suspicious Old Person” who keeps walking past my house.”

There are a lot of people who join with companions, neighbors, friends and/or co-workers to go to local shopping malls and walking around the usually vast expanses of the enclosed part of the malls. — Of course, if you are not particularly sociable, you might always entertain the idea of going to the mall and walking all by yourself. I have done that a number of times and survived the adventure rather nicely.

Dancing is fun for some folks but every since the advent of the “Me Too” Movement, I have made sure never to ask any strangers to dance with me.

A membership in a local fitness center appeals to some people of the “Advancing Age” genre (and that definitely includes me). Because I am something of a “Wuss,” I make sure that my gym is always attended by somebody who can unstick me if I get stuck on the seat of some apparatus or if I bend down and can’t straighten back up again …. or if I get stuck on the seat of the commode in the bathroom … or something like all those nightmarish things.

The whole thing is — as far as I am concerned — I want to have something bigger and more engaging going for myself than merely getting out of bed and hiking to the dinner table.

Naturally, because I am as smart as I am good looking, I am not going to do anything new without talking it over with my personal physician first. I am ambitious; not stupid!

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