Hello There Friends!

I may not have properly introduced myself, so let me take that opportunity right now.

I am the author of this blog, “Life With Brother Liming” and I am a relatively fit 80-year-old health nut and fitness enthusiast who has been through Life’s little grinder and, by the Grace of God —– and by no other means except The Grace of God —- have come out of the milieu fairly intact.


Eighty-Year-Old Brother Liming (Picture Taken November 15, 2018)

I am a weight lifter, a power walker and go to the gym whenever I can (Three times a week at minimums) to work on gymnasium machines —- I do calisthenics at home — I am a diet freak (Because I always tend to be overweight according to the normally-accepted health charts) —

This morning my blood pressure was 128/82 and my pulse rate (Resting) was 62.

Quality of life means more to me than quantity of life, but as you might surmise, I have been gifted a lot of years on this old Earth by My Heavenly Father for which I am very very grateful. I am happy, active, not restrained by any really complicated ailments (My BP is a little high but it is medically regulated). — Other than that, I can run, walk, jog and do almost anything and everything that I desire to do, weather permitting.

My Faith is Christian and Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.

This is one “Old Man” who feels exceptionally lucky and privileged to still be here and once in awhile I post items on this blog about some of the things I have done and continue to do that I believe helps to keep me somewhat healthier than the norm and sane —- Let me back up there a minute and revisit “Sane.” —– There are people who would argue with me about the “Sane” thing.

I am a Veteran of two different branches of The U.S. Military (U.S. Army National Guard from 1957-60 and United States Air Force (Regular Air Force) from 1962-66.

Both discharges were honorable.

As a 19-year-old youth, I contracted a serious case of Hepatitis and was told by doctors that I would be debilitated all my life and would never be able to work or hold a job and since that fateful diagnosis, I have held several productive jobs, have been in business for myself and have managed to raise a healthy family.

I might be bragging a little bit here (and I might leave this old world in the next few minutes …. who can ever know about these things? — But for the time being I am here, I will be blogging away hoping to entertain and inform people and, if possible to be of some kind of encouragement and inspiration to some others.

If you are reading this right now, understand that I sincerely appreciate you no matter who you are and I appreciate you giving me a little of your precious time today. Thank you for visiting with me and please come often.

2 thoughts on “Hello There Friends!

  1. John, for what it’s worth, your BP is much better than mine, as too is your resting pulse.
    I have a feeling that you will see me out, and I m not yet 67. Well done!
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. It is fun to see what new thing is being told to be a health kick….we are back to Low carb….diets are fun especially to watch the duels they go through to get “popular”……chuq


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