How Many Calories?

First of all, I am not a physical fitness expert so do not (I repeat, “Do Not” copycat anything I talk about here unless you clear it with your personal physician.

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I am speaking of things that I do for myself and that I have found to be beneficial for ME. The reason I am presenting this information here is so maybe somebody else might find it interesting, motivating or inspiring to some degree.

They are always telling me that if I am going to achieve any significant control over my body weight, then I am going to have to be a calorie counter whether I like the idea or not.

So what is my response to this?

My response has been that I have become a calorie-counting freak and I keep a daily food diary in which I record every bite that goes into my mouth and the number of calories that I consume with every morsel.

Does this help me at all? —– I cannot definitely answer that question because there seems to be some psychological demon inside of me that forces me to eat enough calories every day to stay at a constant weight — a weight that my doctor says is too much — but a weight that, so far, doesn’t seem to have done me too much harm —- In my last blood test my cholesterol levels were “Ideal.”

So does all the journaling help? —– I cannot honestly say for sure but I have a sneaking opinion that if I didn’t do it, I would probably weigh closer to a ton now than I ever have … LOL. (Not really a joking matter!).

Since I am more than 60 years of age (I’m 80), I try to keep my calorie intake at a minimum of 1,600 per day when I am not working out at the gym or walking outside or whatever — and on the days when I am more active (Like working out) then I try to keep my calories somewhere near the 1,800 per day level. I am told that these are the figures that are best for my purposes.


I know that I do not have the metabolism that I had when I was a lot younger. Sometimes I think that if I didn’t eat anything but bread and water all day long I would gain pounds and pounds of extra weight.

I think our local water supply has enough foreign solids in it that it could qualify more as a food than a drink and God only knows the number of calories I would be packing on if I were to drink tap water from where I live —- so I drink bottled water.

I consulted a dietician once about adjustments that I ought to be making to my eating habits and what I got in return for my money was a dietician that spent 3/4 of the time allotted for my visit talking to somebody on her phone and talking with some old guy who kept sticking his head into her office while I was sitting there —- and in the end, the dietician handed me a printed sheet of paper with dietary advice printed on it that I had learned in pre-school. That was supposed to be my “Expertly-prepared personalized diet plan” and I promptly threw it into the trash the minute I left her office.

My doctor wanted me to go on a diet that included absolutely nothing that was white in color or that came in a can, package or box with labels on them — He called it a “No White” diet and I found it to be so hard to adhere to that I quickly abandoned it.

I suggest consulting with your doctor on questions concerning diet and lifestyle changes, but at one and the same time, I would also like to advise people to make sure their doctor has at least a modicum of knowledge about nutrition before wasting their time. There are doctors who do have knowledge and experience in matters pertaining to healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes — They are out there somewhere — and that is the kind that I would trust if it were me.

I think I have been lucky over the years — lucky and blessed by God — because I have managed to eat all the things recommended on all the experts’ food recommendations — including the government food chart recommendations (The Food Pyramid) and somehow I have managed to survive and am still here.


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