The New “Christian” Music

Category: RELIGION

Am I the only person in the world who recognizes the fact that there is a lot of new music coming onto the market with the label “Christian Music” in which there isn’t a single reference to either Jesus or The Lord or God — and not a single line of Scripture or a mention of the Holy Bible in any of the lyrics?

Are we to assume then, that if a person who claims to be Christian or who is generally recognized as Christian writes a song, we are to automatically accept it as a worship and praise song dedicated to the greater glory of our blessed Savior?

Is that even possible?

Will I then live to see the day when somebody publishes a version of The Holy Bible in which there will not be a single mention of The Lord, “God” or “Jesus” and in which every word indicating the gender of a human being will be removed in an effort to appease the agnostics and the secularists among us?