The Old BMI Bugaboo

My doctor is addicted to his tape measure and everytime I go for a visit, he delights in dragging that thing our and throwing it around my waist and telling me that I am too fat.

I have gotten so used to my doctor doing that and now I have purchased a tape measure of my own and the next time I visit with my doctor and he tries to do that, I am going to draw my own tape out and tell him, “I’ve come prepared to do you too, doc… because you are fully as big around the middle as I am and I think we need to compare measurements!”

Now lately, my doctor has become infatuated with talking about my Body Mass Index (BMI) as a measure of my overweight condition and the BMI measurement was never intended to be used by a sawbones to diagnose either the amount of overweight that I might be or my general health.

BMI is an “Indicator” but it is never the final do-all, be-all authoritarian measurement for diagnosis — (according to publications from the U.S. Government.).

If you have encountered the BMI bugaboo, you might find the following information to be extremely interesting and perhaps even helpful —- ( RIGHT ABOUT HERE.)


2 thoughts on “The Old BMI Bugaboo

  1. Apparently it is old fart doctors….my internist has never mentioned the BMI….she looks more at numbers on the test results and gets onto me from there….chuq


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