Things I could Do Without On A Sunday Morning

Panic attacks is one of the things I can do without. —– I am speaking of those panic attacks associated with the Parasympathetic Nervous System where you have to breathe through a paper bag to slow your racing heart rate down.

Whenever I get one of these things, I also keep a bottle of lavender oil around because a few drops of the oil on a shirt sleeve or a pillow or something seems to help to calm me down and to mitigate the effects of the panic attacks.

The only reason I am talking about these things is because I had a panic attack yesterday for the first time in years and I have no idea of what might have triggered it. They are supposed to be stress-related and I cannot think of any kind of stress that I would be under. Thankfully everything has returned to normal and good this morning!

I had an idea that I might start using pre-packaged prepared frozen meals as part of my weight control efforts until I found out that they are really heavy on the salt and my blood pressure monitor does not like a lot of salt at all. So much for another “Good” brainfart that I had and have now flushed down the drain!



3 thoughts on “Things I could Do Without On A Sunday Morning

    • The idea is to understand what they are when they strike and to know measures to take against them … relaxing … music … meditation … concentrating on green scenery or pictures of it …. bag breathing …. knowing that the attack will usually pass in about 10 minutes or so …

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  1. I have started making my own “frozen” meals because of all the salt the pre-packaged ones have……works good if you do not mind a little cooking….chuq


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