The Older We Get The More Water We Need

When I went to an emergency room once ( a long time ago), the attending medical personnel ran some tests and discovered that, among other things, I was dehydrated at the time. (Keep in mind that I am 80-years-old and there is a bearing on age in what I am about to say.).



It appears that as we grow older, our “I need to drink water” sensors become duller and we actually do not know how often or how much liquids we really need to avoid becoming dehydrated. — I believe (My opinion only) this means that we have to take conscious note of how much we drink and when and how often and make sure we get enough life-sustaining liquid into our systems.

Of course, I am not a doctor or a health practitioner so I cannot suggest how much water anybody should be drinking — and, as always, you are cautioned not to take anything I write on this blog as advice ….. I do not give advice ….. I am not qualified to give advice ….. please understand this and act accordingly. —– You need to be talking to your personal physician about these things and if you are reading this blog post, then read it for entertainment value only. (Or for the sake of satisfying curiosity).

Here is a more comprehensive discussion of the “Water” thing for those who are interested: —- ( PLEASE CLICK HERE.)

I wouldn’t even be talking about this, this morning, if I had not been virtually “Jerked” out of a sound sleep at 4:30 AM with an overwhelming urge to get out of bed and go to the kitchen and draw myself a glass of water.


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    • I have been told (although I do not really know) that the older we get, the less conscious we become of our need for hydration and thus the greater the danger of becoming dehydrated. I am assuming from this that older folks need to make themselves consciously aware of their liquid intake.

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