Shopping On Line (Maybe)

No, No, Hell No …. I will not spend the extra money to join some kind of “Customer Club” with some online retailer so that I can purchase a product that I want and which they have decided is only available from them to customers who spend the extra money to join their little club.


If I want some product and have no choice but to buy it in that fashion, then I will look for the product from some other source (More than likely the manufacturer of the product themselves — and all such manufacturers usually have their own websites) or I will do without the product —- or I will find a suitable substitute.

So I guess my advice to my fellow potential online shoppers this evening is, “Look for what you want to purchase on more than one website because the deals can change from retailer to retailer and some online retailers may offer something at a far better price than others.”

2 thoughts on “Shopping On Line (Maybe)

  1. I presume you are talking about what is called ‘Amazon Prime’ here. Many products are starting to become available to ‘Prime members’ only, and that is indeed annoying. I get the feeling that this is targeted too, as some of the things I have bought regularly have suddenly become unavailable unless I join.
    No doubt we have brought this upon ourselves, by taking the decision to buy so much online and allow one supplier to dominate the market. It probably won’t be long before joining that club becomes ‘compulsory’.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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