John Liming # 1

Thanksgiving is now in the history books and what a Thanksgiving it has been! My friend and I went to Bob Evans restaurant for our turkey dinner. My friend got the adult portion of the entree and I ordered the children’s portion because I am still watching my expansive waistline. As it turns out, the adult portion is not all that much bigger than the kid portion but it was enough to satisfy me although I had to eat really slow in order not to get finished before my friend. It is a matter of etiquette, you know …. never to finish eating is a social setting before everyone else at the table. I don ‘t think America cares much about “Etiquette” any more. Another word for “Etiquette” is “Manners.” There was a time when people practiced good manners …. things like opening doors for ladies and stuff like that …. stuff that would probably get the good samaritan arrested for assault or something in these “Mee Too Movement” days. When I was a young boy scout, I was taught to help elderly folks cross a busy street. I have to admit that I always nurtured a secret desire to throw down my cloak onto a mud puddle so that some lady could step on it and save her expensive shoes. But at the same time I was performing the good deed, I also nurtured a fantasy desire that when the lady stepped onto the cloak covering the mud puddle that she would disappear from sight as she sank, feet first, into the muddy abyss. Bummer! This was a good Thanksgiving even though not a single one of my kids sent any kind of greetings or called me on the telephone or anything else. They are far too busy with their own lives to pay attention to me. My attitude? They are grown men now so let them do what they want to do. They will have plenty of time for remorse once I have left this old world …. if, in fact, I actually meant anything to any of them in the first place. Oh well … onward!

3 thoughts on “John Liming # 1

  1. Happy that you spent Thanksgiving with someone today and had what seems to be a good meal. I had dinner with my family and my parents and now heading to people watch at the stores while I sip on my decaf coffee šŸ™‚ Have a good one.


  2. Pleased to hear that you got out to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal, John.
    I agree that manners and courtesy are in short supply in our modern world.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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