Old Edison Phonograph Records

When I was a kid, my Grandpa had an old Edison phonograph that had to be wound with a crank to make it play. The machine used cylindrical records that slid onto a shaft in the machine and once the record was placed into the machine, the needle mechanism was placed onto the grooves of the record and the machine started with the flip of a convenient mechanical switch. The sound was magnified through a large colorful “Petunia” horn.

In the following link, I have visited the Library of Congress site and found these old Edison Phonograph recordings. If you go down the list, you can find the black rectangular keys (on the right of the page) with the “MP3” symbol on them.CLICK  If you click on one of those keys, you will be able to hear the recording. — (CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE SITE.)

2 thoughts on “Old Edison Phonograph Records

  1. I do remember those old cylinder players as a hangover from the past. Also the pianolas that played themselves, using rolls of punched paper tunes.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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