John Liming # 3

File this one under “The Price Of Growing Old.” — Today I have managed to get a small bit of raw celery caught in my esophagus, which was a most uncomfortable sensation for a couple of hours. But the obstruction did not affect my airway or my breathing so it was uncomfortable but not life threatening. Then, a few hours later in the day, I was taking a nap on my couch and suffered a small esophageal reflux episode and I seem  to have gotten through that one also … normally when I reflux, it is enough to choke me up for a few minutes and it is always terrifying but so far (Thank God) I have always managed to free the airway and keep on breathing. Nevertheless, reflux is scary! None of this kind of stuff ever happened to me when I was younger. I am pretty well convinced that all these kind of things are inconveniences and horrors reserved for the elderly and the aging. So, from this moment onward, I will steam, bake or otherwise cook all my vegetables to make them softer and easier to swallow and I will not lie down for at least two hours after eating anything. That should deal with the reflux and cooking the vegetables should deal with the “Small bits stuck in the throat” sensations. They also tell me that if I get something stuck like that again and if I can breathe alright, I am supposed to take a small piece of bread that has been soaked in some milk or drink a small amount of some carbonated beverage and these measures are supposed to help dislodge small bits of stuff that gets stuck in this manner. That is what “They” are telling “Me.” “They” (Your doctor(s) might have a completely different set of instructions for “You.” In any case, I believe it is advantageous for anyone to understand that these things happen and everyone should have at least some advance knowledge of what to do in case such an annoyance does actually happen to them.hunger-413685_1280

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