Better Blogging (Post # 80)

I am reading all the information available about how a blogger should pay close attention to such things as “Categories” and “Tags” and “Key Words” and “Quality of content” — and a hundred other details that, if one took the time to strictly adhere to, would cause the person to do a lot more looking, reading, pondering and thinking than actually writing his or her blog!

But there is something else to consider:

The Google Algorithms” (I hope you open the link I just provided) will determine whose blog will get published at all, whose will not, whose will be the easiest to find in the search process, those who can hardly be found at all in the search process — and I believe it all depends on what something or somebody at “Google” believes in good enough to be seen by the rest of the world …. (or whatever part of the world they wish it to be seen in …. [if they allow it to be seen at all …LOL].

So you can do all the research, study, learning, practicing, searching, experimenting and writing that you want to do — as much as will content your heart — but do not get any fancy expectations that your stuff is going to be immediately available to millions of readers because it has to pass the “Algorithm” tests first!

Well, that is what I believe anyway! — The reason I believe it is because I have been writing a blog for more than 7 years now and it is barely being read in the vast reaches of the infernal and eternal Internet, most likely because I am terribly opinionated and can be really nearly obscenely profane with my language sometimes.

The old bugaboo about “Read a lot of other people’s blogs and comment on them and your traffic will increase on your own blog” seems to be somebody’s wet dream because I have tried that route and what I have discovered is that I leave a lot of comments on other people’s blogs and they rarely ever return the compliment for my own blog. — It’s like the seemingly myriad number of people who will place a “Like” on somebody’s blog post but will never take the time to actually read the post they have put the “Like” on.

Well, friends and neighbors, Mommies and Daddies and Little Kiddies everywhere — that is my rant on the fine art of “Thinking You Are Blogging When In All Reality You Are Not” for this morning.

If you are out there, tell me what you think in Two Thousand words or less.

2 thoughts on “Better Blogging (Post # 80)

  1. I am happy enough with the traffic on my blog, John. Lots of loyal followers who comment, and occasional new people who respond to something specific. As for Google, I just typed in ‘Whatever happened to Jamiroquai?’, the title of an old post on my blog, and it came up as the third search option. That has worked well for me, as it is one of my most-read posts. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


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