Morning Musing For Wednesday


I hope that everybody who is reading this is doing alright this morning ….. The weather where I am is cold because it is late November and it has been snowing a little bit …. but it doesn’t matter because I have to get out of the house this morning and go to the Veterans’ Administration Medical Facility to get a cat scan of my chest and to have my glaucoma and cataract checked out.

The chest scan thing is to keep an eye on a nodule the doctors found a few months ago …. “Nothing to worry about” they tell me, “But something to keep an eye on.” So I am guessing that I will be going for a checkup about every six months ….. But that is not unusual because I go to have my blood pressure and blood chemistry checked every six months as it is now. (No big deal here.)

I threw out a few dozen old used books yesterday ….. books that I hadn’t opened in years …. but I did keep all the cook books. I don’t believe that cookbooks ever go out of style so I keep every one that I have ever collected. — I even have the cookbooks my Mom used back in the 1930s. — I like to cook some of those old recipes sometime. — One of my favorite dishes from the 1930s is this really mild chili con carne …. the kind you used to get in restaurants and bus stops that had eating places in them. —- I believe there is a little too much adventurism in some of the chilies being served in restaurants these days …. too much experimenting going on. (It’s kind of like a chili oriented “flavor of the month” thing that is happening around here and I do not care for it. (I think chili eaters expect a certain flavor and they tend to stick with that flavor).

Thanksgiving is over now and thoughts turn to Christmas. —- I note that people on the television and radio are not talking so much about “Happy Holidays” these days as they are returning to the old traditional greeting, “Merry Christmas.” —– I guess the attempt to make “Christmas” politically correct must have failed miserably because people where I live are joyously ignoring political correctness once more and are saying “Merry Christmas” again …. and I love it!

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