I am trying a celery smoothie

Before you read this article, you need to read my medical disclaimer which you can read if you will take your mouse and click on the following link: — ( MY DISCLAIMER.)

I am going to make myself a celery smoothing when I wake up in the morning (If I wake up in the morning) (Never can take anything for granted, can we?) —- I have been in the mood lately to start trying some “Green” drinks and see if I can gain any noticeable benefit from them.

The short video talks about a kind of “Ultimate” Green drink, and I will get around to trying the one in the video, but for starters, I am going to add a cup of water and four (4) stalks of washed, Organic celery to a high-speed blender and chug it down and see what happens. (Very simple, very uncomplicated!)

But here is the short video about another such drink which I will get around to trying sometime in the near future:

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