Why I stopped shopping online

First of all —– The United States Postal Service occasionally delivers my mail to neighbors and not to me. —– I cannot say for sure, but I think that is where the package I ordered from e-bay (The package that was supposed to arrive today) might have gone because it  is nowhere to be seen (By me at any rate.).

The second thing is that now there are “Porch Bandits” sneaking around stealing people’s packages off their porches.

I think I just lost $23.95 for a Tommy Hilfiger wallet which was going to be a Christmas present for my best friend.

I’m done!

4 thoughts on “Why I stopped shopping online

  1. Luckily, we have a good service from the Royal Mail, and the many couriers used by companies like Amazon. We are able to track our packages, set delivery preferences, and even nominate collection spots, if we are not going to be home. As a result, my wife and I have just bought all of our Christmas presents online, and not one went astray,
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I order from Amazon all the time and have never had a bad purchase…..items were as said and usually cheaper than they are locally and delivery has been spot on….I will continue to use on-line shopping….chuq

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    • I guess your postal service is also spot on. Mine tends to lose things and to deliver my stuff to neighbors and their stuff to me. I have applied to the United States Postal Service for status as an employee because I am constantly ferrying mis-delivered mail back and forth from my house to the post office for redelivery.

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      • Actually they make mistakes but usually it is I get someone’s mail……since I do very little thru the mail I get very few letters but bills and they will always find me…LOL chuq


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