Robots release bear spray

Twenty-Four workers at a large retail distribution center were reportedly sent to the hospital after one or more of their robot packaging machines accidentally released bear spray into the facility.

I purchased a bear spray recently because I walk outside a lot and there are a lot of pit bull dogs ranging freely — roaming around neighborhoods as they please — looking for Humans to attack ….

But the rub is that sometimes even bear spray is not enough to deter pit bull attacks, at which times Second Amendment Solutions may be the only alternative option — or an electronic cow prod with at least 250-thousand volts of dischargeable energy.

2 thoughts on “Robots release bear spray

  1. Do you have dog-wardens or dog-catchers over there, John? If we see a stray or unaccompanied dog that is vicious, we can call the dog-warden, or even the police. If a dog is attacking people, the police will send armed officers to shoot it.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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