About Me

I am en elderly gentlemen (80 years young at this writing) and I have been through Life’s little mill.


I am a veteran of two branches of The United States Military — U.S. Air Force (1962-66) and U.S. Army National Guard (1957-60.).

Christian and family man, married to one woman for 33 years (She is now deceased) and have raised Three strapping Sons who are bigger than I am now.

My political stance changes with the times, the candidate, the issues. I vote for who I think is best and sometimes I make a mistake but I still vote and I love America, right, wrong or indifferent.

I was raised to be prejudiced and I have retained some of those prejudices and as much as I hate it, when my blood boils (as it often does) some of those prejudices still come out. I am working on all this but some of these feelings are so deeply ingrained in me I am not sure they will ever be extricated.

I have been richer than any man needs to be, I have been poorer than many men have ever been. I have eaten in posh restaurants where the menu runs $35 a plate and more and I have shared a can of cold beans and pork with fellow indigents under bridges in a major American City.

I have had a Million dollar credit rating and I have had no credit rating at all and wondered where my next meal was going to come from.

I can be crusty and kind, grumpy and giving, hateful, divisive, derisive, nasty-tempered — and at other times, calm and loveable as a furry kitten.

But I love to blog and so here I am … blogging.