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I Messed Up Big Time

Somehow I managed to lose all my precious “Cascading Sheet” changes that I made on the blog. I lost the beautiful yellow green header, the bold type in the sidebar … Oh what a mess! — But, with some patience, I will be able to restore it all because I do know something about CSS. In the meantime, I am going to have to settle for being “Plain Jane” on the site here. Sorry about that!

Pet Peeve No. 198,901:

My friend has shared his pet peeve with me for this morning and it concerns his Social Security “Entitlement.” Of course I know … and everybody knows … that Social Security is not an “Entitlement” even though the greedy grabbers in Washington would like to make people think it is an entitlement.

Anyway, the “Peeve” is that everytime a Social Security recipient gets a cost of living raise ….. you know about those occasional little pittances they add to your checks, don’t you? — Supposed to be an “Increase” to benefit the recipients, right? But every time there is a cost of living raise in the Social Security checks, it seems that Medicare swoops right down and grabs every last cent of it.

My friend doesn’t think it’s fair and I don’t think it’s fair and I am suggesting that everybody who gets slammed in this manner start making a nuisance of themselves at their elected Representatives’ offices! Let the “Burgermeisters in D.C.,” know that citizens are sick of this kind of flim-flammery and would like to have something done to legislate it into impossibility so that the Social Security Beneficiaries can get the benefit of their cost of living increases.

December 11, 2018

Today has been alright. I have been out and about with my friend and constant companion, Jim, and we went to a very large antique mall in a nearby city. Jim collects collector glass, Grecian and Roman-style reproduction vases, pottery and statuary and a kind of ceramic from the 1960s called weeping gold. I scour the book shelves and will occasionally purchase something or other that may catch my eye. The last thing I bought at an antique place was a nicely preserved old Gillette adjustable razor which I now use once in a while just for old time’s sake.


Since I like to eat at Skyline Chili restaurants (I am not being compensated for mentioning any brand names or trademarks or business places on this blog), we went there and enjoyed a dish known popularly as 5-way chili. Five-way chili consists of cooked spaghetti covered with a generous serving of a particular chili-con-carne called “Cincinnati Chili” and in addition to the spaghetti and chili, the dish also comes laden with generous portions of shredded cheddar cheese, beans and onion. They serve customers unlimited servings of oyster crackers too. It is all very nice and I have been eating (On and off) at this restaurant chain since 1954.

That just about covers my “Diary” items for the day.

Jesus Saves

Hello friends and neighbors!

This is Brother John Liming presenting a special message for you about The Lord Jesus Christ.


The message appears in the following link if you wish to listen and I am so grateful and blessed that you have stopped by this morning. May Jesus bless you in all that you do today and always:

I hope that you received a blessing from that message, friends and now, before you go, remember that if you have anything on your heart that you would have me join with you in prayer about, please just leave your prayer request as a comment on this blog and I promise that I will be faithful to join with you in your prayer and together, we will await the Mighty Workings of God to bless you, comfort you, empower you and to dispel whatever darkness you might be experiencing.

With God all things are possible — and remember also to pray for me because the Bible tells us to pray one for another that we might be healed …. and I believe that …. I believe God means every word that He put into His Bible and that we can depend totally, completely and utterly on Jesus Christ —- Our every need will be taken care of from on High — Yes, amen and amen ….

God Bless every one of you in The Name of Jesus!

Your Friend In Christ,

Brother John

Ten Tips For Mens’ Health

Before you read the first word of the following article, it is imperative that you read my medical disclaimer which you can read by clicking on this link — RIGHT HERE FOLKS.

I am a man! More specifically, I am an 80-year-old man.

Some well-meaning friends tell me, “You are 80-years-old … you do not need to be worrying about your health or what you can and cannot eat and what you can and cannot do.”

I beg to differ! Quality of life is very important to me and I have to admit that for my age, I have a really excellent quality of life because so far, I am not restricted in doing any of the things that I have always done or that I love to do.

So here is the first bit of information that I adhere to as much as I possibly can and I thought a lot of you might find this information interesting or even useful — regardless of how old you are. I practiced these principles when I was 25-years-old just the same as I strive to follow them today: “Take charge of your eating habits by choosing the types and amounts of foods you need. Make your food choices a priority and be physically active so you can be the healthy man you want to be.”

Check this chart from the U.S. Government out —- RIGHT HERE FRIENDS.

Of all the suggestions given in the chart I have linked to, the following is the one that I have the most difficulty with because I dearly love thick-cut bacon with coarse-ground pepper adhered to the edges —“Build habits that don’t add pounds Cut calories by skipping foods high in solid fats and
added sugar. Limit fatty meats like ribs, bacon, and hot
dogs. Cakes, cookies, candies, and ice cream should be just
occasional treats. Use smaller plates to adjust the amount of
food you eat.”

Steam your kale and spinach before using in a smoothie!

First, you need to read my medical disclaimer before you go ahead and read the rest of this blog post. You can find my medical disclaimer — RIGHT HERE.

I have recently been talking on this blog about making smoothies that contain either raw baby spinach or kale or both. It seemed to me to be a healthy-enough way to go. But then even more recently I have discovered something else about using baby spinach and/or raw kale in a smoothie drink and I felt compelled to share what I discovered with my precious blog audience. (That would be you!)


As it turns out, it appears that some of these kinds of greens contain a substance called “Oxalic Acid” that may not be all that good for a person in the raw state:

The truth is that both spinach and kale are very healthy for you. Unfortunately, it really needs to be steamed before it’s eaten. Steaming or cooking deactivates the oxalic acid content that they have, making them more nutritious. Oxalic acid binds with the calcium in our food making it unavailable for digestion.

I found the information in that block quote I just added to this post on another website and here is the link to the other website: — RIGHT ABOUT HERE.

I hope you find this information helpful and/or interesting and I would definitely like to hear your opinions so leave me a comment here on the blog if you desire. (I always answer every comment.)

Shocking Claims About Potato Chips

I have always loved potato chips of all kinds and have consumed bags and bags of them during my lifetime. Potato chips are one of the most popular of all American snack foods and are found in all kinds of situations where people gather to enjoy snacks and comradeship.


But now I am reading articles on the Internet that claim that the common commercially-prepared seemingly ubiquitous potato chip might be one of the most serious sources of carcinogens in the entire Food Industry.

After reading this kind of stuff I am forced to ask myself, “How is it that I have personally consumed probably a ton of potato chips in my lifetime and have not had any ill effects from them ….. at least not any ill effects that I can sense, gauge or measure.

I think you will find the following interesting: — RIGHT ABOUT HERE.

Let me know what you think!