Throw Out Your Romaine Lettuce!

Consumers are being urged to throw out any romaine lettuce they may have on hand and to make sure not to consume any of it! — This is all based on a new outbreak of the potentially deadly e-coli virus.

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The Divisive Mid-Terms

Experts — (Ha Ha Ha!) — are saying that the American Mid-Terms were divided and that the country is still divided —– If that is true (and I have no reason to believe that it is not true) —– then maybe the divisive Mid-Terms taking place in a still-divided country are just the thing that is needed to bring the divided country together again —- and if that is not the case, then maybe the divisive Mid Terms in the divided country are the living picture of what cohesive division looks like and maybe that is the future of America! (The Divided States of America) —– I have always said this country has become too big and too diverse to be able to be governed …. regardless of the form such an attempt at governance might take.

The Arkansas Minimum Wage Experiment

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I have read reports saying that the American State of Arkansas (My Mom lived in Arkansas for awhile a long time ago) is experimenting with what experts are calling “The Highest Effective Minimum Wage” on the continental United States.


The idea behind the economic experiment in Arkansas, as I understand it, is to determine whether the high minimum wage will raise minimum wage workers out of poverty or whether it will derail the State’s economy.

The figure that is being tossed around for the Arkansas experiment is reported to be $11.00-per-hour and this is reportedly an incrementalism that will bear full fruition by the year 2021.

The humorous side of this story (as far as I am concerned) is that somebody has reported that once the minimum wage workers in Arkansas have reached their $11.00 per hour plateau, they will be earning almost 70-percent as much money as the “Median” worker in the state.

It is my opinion that if the “Median” worker in the state is making that low of a wage, then there is something drastically amiss with the State’s economy from the get go because, in my humble opinion, nobody can reasonably expect to do all the things on a wage of $11.00 per hour that others do on much higher incomes. (Things like supporting a family or saving money for college and other things like those.)

“But minimum wage jobs were never intended to provide all the necessities and are designed as entry-level jobs for folks just coming into the Jobs Market and are meant to be stepping stones to higher paying jobs in any market” some people are contending.

That is all well and good until one considers that even though minimum wage jobs are designed as temporary entry-level jobs for new workers, there are a hell of a lot of elderly folks and retired folks who absolutely depend on them to supplement their retirement incomes or their social security or whatever, and to those folks, minimum wage jobs are life saving — and an $11.00 wage cap may not be entirely exciting for them.

I know some business people who will tell you, “If they keep on raising minimum wages, I will be forced to lay people off or to find a way to buy a robot and replace some folks (Like some fast food restaurant chains have already begun to do) or I will have to go out of business altogether.”

I know that as a consumer, I am not ready nor willing to shell out $25 for a common hamburger at a fast food restaurant and if the minimum wages get onto an upward-sliding scale that has no ceiling in sight, I am sure that kind of inflationary effect is inevitable.

I hope that when people start getting their minimum wage increases they also start learning that customers like their food hot and fresh and they appreciate being made to feel as if they were actually welcome in the business places where some of these surly-faced, seemingly uncaring low wage earners are employed.

Although I don’t know how the welfare systems work in all the states, I am hoping that once minimum wages go on their upward spiral all across the country that a lot of the welfare systems start denying benefits to some of those minimum wage earners on the argument that they earn too much money to receive welfare. —- In my opinion, there is no need for American Taxpayers to start subsidizing welfare recipients who suddenly find their windfall in the unchecked upward spirals of minimum wage increases.

I know the Left Wingers will not agree with this at all since they seem determined to give away the store to all the eaters and takers who are first in line with their hands out for more and more freebies.

2018 And More Pelosi

I have campaign fatigue from enduring all the media advertising during this mid-term election cycle and now they are telling me that the parties are getting their game organized for the 2020 Presidential race.

OMG! — I guarantee you that there will be a lot less stressful TV watching and Radio listening at the Liming mansion during the coming months because I am tired of being to made to feel like a fool by all the talking heads with agendas.

And — something I never thought I would live to see ….. Nancy Pelosi assuming another prominent political presence …… I thought when Boehmer took over as Speaker of The House we had seen the last of nancy …… But I guess I was mistaken. —- I can’t take it!

I had intended to include some “Thoughts and Prayers” for the families of the victims of the latest mass shooting out in California but then I stopped short and asked myself, “What good does thoughts and prayers do for somebody who has lost a loved one in such a senseless tragedy? Besides which, more than 300 Americans have died at the hands of mass shooters already in 2018 and the year is nowhere near over yet …. well almost I guess ….. but not over until it’s over, right?

These tragedies are becoming so commonplace in America now that somebody like me is tempted to throw up our arms and say, “If the government hasn’t got the balls, the will or the power to put an end to these gun-related massacres/tragedies, then what the hell is the use of even talking about them anymore?

The Fat Menagerie

From The Editor’s Desk

My stupid doctor insists that I must absolutely lose 8-inches from around my waist or I will probably die! —- I am 80-years-old and more or less muscle bound in the waist area and there is no way I am going to lose 8 inches from that area. —- I go around watching other people and you simply would not believe the number of other men I see out there where are not only 40 or more inches around the waist but who are more likely to be 60 or more inches around their waists. —- They don’t seem to be any worse for the wear.

I told my doctor that I will work on losing weight but he got all paranoid and belligerent and informed me that he doesn’t care whether I lose weight or not … it is not losing weight that he is obsessed with right now …. he is obsessed with me getting from my present 43-inch waist down to a 35 — and like I said, “I cannot see the possibility of that ever happening again in my lifetime.”

By the way, folks, this is an ageing Veterans’ Administration doctor that I am talking about here. This is the one who told me during my last visit that I was headed for a stroke and he didn’t care! —- If you are a veteran and you are reading this, I hope you are doing a lot better with your primary care physician than I am with mine. Maybe yours is somewhat sane anyway.

The mid-term elections are over in America now and people are breathing a sigh of relief. This one has been nerve-jangling and finger-biting and the airwaves have been virtually clogged with campaign advertising to the point that it over-saturated me and made me start to detest the very thought of electioneering.

But what people are failing to understand, I am afraid, is that now that the mid-terms for 2018 are over, the campaigning for the 2020 Presidential election will soon (too soon) get into full swing and we will have the same old media grind of endless screaming, accusing, negative advertising to contend with once again …. for two or more years …. non-stop … around the clock ….No peace to be found anywhere except in the mechanics of the human wrist that is capable of turning knobs and pressing buttons to turn the noise off ….. for a little while.