Shopping On Line (Maybe)

No, No, Hell No …. I will not spend the extra money to join some kind of “Customer Club” with some online retailer so that I can purchase a product that I want and which they have decided is only available from them to customers who spend the extra money to join their little club.


If I want some product and have no choice but to buy it in that fashion, then I will look for the product from some other source (More than likely the manufacturer of the product themselves — and all such manufacturers usually have their own websites) or I will do without the product —- or I will find a suitable substitute.

So I guess my advice to my fellow potential online shoppers this evening is, “Look for what you want to purchase on more than one website because the deals can change from retailer to retailer and some online retailers may offer something at a far better price than others.”

Turkey Sandwich

Two slices whole wheat bread (240 calories) plus 4-ounces sliced white turkey breast (Roasted) = (155 calories) and Two tablespoons of mayonnaise …. the whole sandwich becomes 575 calories. (Add lettuce and onion and the addition of both of these extra things adds up to nothing significant in calories.) — Two such sandwiches throughout the day equals 1,150 calories leaving room for a rather significant dinner if one is so inclined and is allowed to do so by their personnel professional health care giver.

Serif Or Not? —– I have been reading up on what kinds of fonts are easier to read online and I have discovered that the “Experts” in online typography are recommending that I use a “Sans-Serif” font (Typeface) because the serifs on serif fonts are not as easy to read on a computer screen as the typefaces without the small curls known as “Serifs” on the serif fonts.

So, until somebody leaves a comment and tells me differently, I am trying out a sans-serif font called “Open Sans” to see how it plays with my wonderful and most sincerely appreciated readers — and if they like it, then I will go with it (for awhile anyway) and if they tell me they don’t like it, I will change it yet once again.

No, thank you ….. I am not interested in trying out the new editor to “Level up my layout” because I find it confusing, cumbersome and confusing. I like the old editor and as long as it is available, I will be using it.

Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina

Genre: Moments Of Theatrical Inspiration (Music)

A blog — among other things — should be a little classy sometimes. Therefore I present the following for your perusal and approval …. and enjoyment …. especially your enjoyment: — ( CLICK HERE PLEASE)


Some background information that relates to “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina.”

The Old BMI Bugaboo

My doctor is addicted to his tape measure and everytime I go for a visit, he delights in dragging that thing our and throwing it around my waist and telling me that I am too fat.

I have gotten so used to my doctor doing that and now I have purchased a tape measure of my own and the next time I visit with my doctor and he tries to do that, I am going to draw my own tape out and tell him, “I’ve come prepared to do you too, doc… because you are fully as big around the middle as I am and I think we need to compare measurements!”

Now lately, my doctor has become infatuated with talking about my Body Mass Index (BMI) as a measure of my overweight condition and the BMI measurement was never intended to be used by a sawbones to diagnose either the amount of overweight that I might be or my general health.

BMI is an “Indicator” but it is never the final do-all, be-all authoritarian measurement for diagnosis — (according to publications from the U.S. Government.).

If you have encountered the BMI bugaboo, you might find the following information to be extremely interesting and perhaps even helpful —- ( RIGHT ABOUT HERE.)


Internal and Infernal

I believe there is a war going on inside of everyone of us; a war of wills that causes us to do things that we would not ordinarily choose to do — and I think the opposing will is probably stronger than the conscious will — and that does not bode well for any of us in the long run (Or in the “Big Picture” as it were.).

For example: As hard as I try to limit my calorie intake for the day, it seems that I always manage to rationalize myself into eating more than is good for me at the end of the day and no matter how many good resolutions I make, each day follows the same seemingly inescapable pattern.

Another example: As hard as I try to overcome and put to death certain ingrained prejudices and negative responses to life, people and circumstances, I find myself repeating those negative aspects of myself over and over again and so my acts of repentance are seemingly unending.

There is definitely something inside of me that wars against my best intentions and I often find that whatever it is, it is definitely a lot stronger than I am.