Telephone Scams

Remember these tips to avoid being a victim of a telephone scam:

How to Protect Yourself


I am including this information on the blog this morning because I want my blog to be of use and service as well as to be curious and entertaining.

The telephone is a useful thing but mine has been driving me nuts lately with unsolicited calls, scam calls and robo calls and I am sure I am not the only individual who is experiencing this problem.

Here are some suggestions from Uncle Sugar on how to deal with these things for those who may not already be up on how to deal with these things:


  • Register your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry. You may register onlineor by calling 1-888-382-1222. If you still receive telemarketing calls after registering, there’s a good chance that the calls are scams.
  • Be wary of callers claiming that you’ve won a prize or vacation package.
  • Hang up on suspicious phone calls.
  • Be cautious of caller ID. Scammers can change the phone number that shows up on your caller ID screen. This is called “spoofing.”
  • Research business opportunities, charities, or travel packages separately from the information the caller has provided.


  • Don’t give in to pressure to take immediate action.
  • Don’t say anything if a caller starts the call asking, “Can you hear me?” This is a common tactic for scammers to record you saying “yes.” Scammers record your “yes” response to use as proof that you agreed to a purchase or credit card charge.
  • Don’t provide your credit card number, bank account information, or other personal information to a caller.
  • Don’t send money if the caller tells you to wire money or pay with a prepaid debit card.

Winter Activities For Us Older Folks

Oh I am pretty sure that nobody but youngsters read this blog but on the off chance that there is somebody who is over 30 reading this blog, then I am going to include some suggestions I found on a government-sponsored website for all of us “Olders” to be a little more healthfully active when Old Man Winter comes blowing around.

Needless to say, I am not going to sit here at this keyboard and suggest that everybody past the age of young go out and buy a team of Huskies and a sled in order to have something to do this Winter …. That inclusion is just a tongue-in-cheek humorous thing that I thought of ….. although I might like to try it out if I had the open space to do it in. LOL.

Actually, I was thinking more on the order of going outdoors and helping the grandchildren to build a snowman or something. I am not going to go out and try to go out and go ice skating because I am too fat and too old and I do not relish the idea of breaking something that might be hard or painful to repair. But I am sure there are some “Olders” somewhere who could get away with it if they were pretty flexible, fairly athletic, had permission from their doctors and kept the kids close at hand to steady one on the skates and to help prevent potentially disastrous crashes on the ice. (Or to prevent the unfortunate picture of Grandpa or Grandma disappearing into a hole in the ice. 

In lieu of handily-accessible relatives to attend the snowman building or the ice skating, perhaps one could entertain the notion of just going outside and walking around the house or the neighborhood ….. but of course, make sure you take your passport, your birth certificate, your driver license and a lot of other documents to prove who you are in case some nervous Nellie calls the police on the “Suspicious Old Person” who keeps walking past my house.”

There are a lot of people who join with companions, neighbors, friends and/or co-workers to go to local shopping malls and walking around the usually vast expanses of the enclosed part of the malls. — Of course, if you are not particularly sociable, you might always entertain the idea of going to the mall and walking all by yourself. I have done that a number of times and survived the adventure rather nicely.

Dancing is fun for some folks but every since the advent of the “Me Too” Movement, I have made sure never to ask any strangers to dance with me.

A membership in a local fitness center appeals to some people of the “Advancing Age” genre (and that definitely includes me). Because I am something of a “Wuss,” I make sure that my gym is always attended by somebody who can unstick me if I get stuck on the seat of some apparatus or if I bend down and can’t straighten back up again …. or if I get stuck on the seat of the commode in the bathroom … or something like all those nightmarish things.

The whole thing is — as far as I am concerned — I want to have something bigger and more engaging going for myself than merely getting out of bed and hiking to the dinner table.

Naturally, because I am as smart as I am good looking, I am not going to do anything new without talking it over with my personal physician first. I am ambitious; not stupid!

Magic Lake

The year was 1954 and I was Sixteen-years-old and I had an adventurous soul.

There was a farm, just off a major highway that ran through the center of our little town and on this farm there was a man-made fishing lake with a canvas-bottom boat on it.

The boat had been made in Industrial Arts class at the high school where I went and it had been built from scratch by a friend of mine, Danny F. He had given me permission to go down to the lake on the farm whenever I wanted to and use the boat. The owner of the farm had given his permission too.

So, on nights when it was warm ….. usually in the Summer when school was out for the year ….. I would go down to the lake when the sun was setting and get into it and push out into the lake to meditate, to imagine, to experience the wonders of nature and to seek the face of God.

I remember the soft cry of the loons, the chirping of distant frogs and the splash of the occasional fish as I floated gently along on the calm waters.

My imagination soared and I thought about what my life might be Ten or Twenty years in the future. I was not a visionary but I did have a lot of imagination. Many images came and went in that magical moment in that boat on that lake.

In my mind, I traveled forward in time the space of many years and now that I am old, I can travel back to that boat and that lake many years in the past. It is at such moments of reflection as these that the pure essence of “Time” disappears and the true eternal and unchanging nature of Time emerges and works its’ magic on my being.

The Sneezing Fact Is – – –

I know something that not a lot of people probably ever think very much about:

flu-1679104_960_720 (2)

The fact I wish to share with you is this: “It is absolutely impossible for a human being to sneeze with their eyes open.”

Am I smart or what?

Somebody recently shared pictures of the personal residence. Not to be outdone —


Well that takes care of another more-than-interesting little post on the blog.


I Like History Too!

I read some articles on the Web sometimes about elements of The History of The United States and I have often thought, “Gee, I think I could write an article like that too if I wanted to!” —– Well, I want to and so here goes:

First of all, let me state categorically that I believe that nobody writes anything without adding their own biases and prejudicial observations to the mix. People might write stuff and claim it to be 100% factual but I have often observed that when they do and say things like that, what they are really saying is “One Hundred Percent factual “According to their own beliefs, prejudices, biases and agendas.” —- Therefore, folks, I don’t believe that it is possible today to read anything historical and get the actual facts about what is being written about. — Let me demonstrate:

You often hear about The American Civil War. Oh yes, there are thousands and thousands of stories about The Civil War!

According to some accounts, the Civil War began when Seven slave-holding states in the American South (The Antebellum South) (The “Gentleman’s’ Code Of Social Honor” South; the “Gone With The Wind” kind of South — I am sure you get the picture! — The war is said to have had its foundations laid when those Seven slave-holding, slave-owning states rebelled and created what we now like to call “The Confederacy” or (More accurately) “The Confederate States of America.

This kind of reminds me of the days when Sarah Palin and John McCain were campaigning for the Presidency of The United States and I heard the description of a divided nation divided into “Red States” and “Blue States.”

I have always thought that the creation of the concept of divided America being cut into a neat couple of packages called “Red States” and “Blue States” was, more or less, because of a rebellion in the ranks of democrats (more like communists today than anything else in my book) and was conveniently picked up by the Republican side for the sake of campaigning and talking about uniting the country again …. something that never happened at that juncture and something that (In my opinion) will never happen unless and until some nasty all-compassing tragedy strikes the nation and the peons in the streets stop their petty bickering and get scared enough to come together again …. something like they did when they thought the Germans and the Japanese were going to invade America and enslave us all back in the period 1941-45.

Ever since I heard the words, “Red States” and “Blue States” it is almost as if we were already in another “Civil War” but this time it is more a war of conflicting words and ideologies and sneaky, underhanded tricks from both sides of the aisle than it is an actual shooting war —- although with the unrestrained proliferation of guns in this country and the apparent disregard by some nut cases for the quality of human life, it might come to that again if somebody in power is not awfully damned careful.

The “War” that is going on between the “Blue States” and the “Red States” today is not burning cities to the ground (The Western wildfires are doing a good enough job of that already) but, like the War in 1861-65, it will lead to the impoverishment of the nation through unrestricted left-wing political manipulating and social engineering and it will lead to the abolition of a significant portions of Americans’ freedoms through over-regulation and a more prolific and overbearing and over-reaching left-leaning democrat bent toward socialism — all in the name of “What is best for America” if the worshippers of Goebbels on the left and the electorate aren’t damned careful to protect what they love about America.

I believe America has already crossed the Rubicon on a number of issues that are desperately needed to hold the fabric of the nation together and I think we are already badly damaged as a country and if there is to be any kind of modern-day reconstruction effort, it is going to take generations before any real beneficial and positive results will be seen and that won’t happen if the government is successful in getting massive amounts of the general population strung out on legal marijuana and whatever …. which is apparently what somebody “Up There Somewhere” is trying to get done.

I can’t believe there are people out there who are actually advocating for voting rights for illegal immigrants residing in the country without any legal permission to be here, but I am hearing rumors and reports that a lot of that is already going on because of forged documents and what have you. —– I am pretty certain that part of the reason the socialistic democrats are so interested in protecting the “Rights” of migrants and illegal immigrants is that they see the swelling inundation of our country by such people as those as their sure road to permanent power over the government sooner or later.

But then again, I have often said that America has become too big and too diverse to be governed with any sense or reason under the present set-up in Washington and that is why it has always been my contention that the Office of The Presidency needs to be changed from a single individual at the helm to a committee of at least Three or more individuals who would act as a Three-Headed Presidency and nothing can be done legally unless all Three agree.

I also believe that we need to dump the Electoral College crap and set the election process up as a true referendum so that everybody qualified to vote in the elections can have their voices heard directly. It would cause a lot more ballots to be case, but I think it would be a more accurate representation of the will of the majority and I think that the idea of “The Will of The Majority” is what the founders had in mind anyway.

But none of this is ever going to happen unless and until we can find a way to stop all the massive spending on elections with moneys from people and places that don’t even have to be revealed under the unfortunate “Citizens United” fiasco of a few years ago. There ought to be a massive “Election Fund” financed by the taxpayers from which every candidate who can past a mental test for stability can draw for their campaign finances and every candidate would receive an equal share from this special fund. No more outside money in our elections from people and places unknown.

Or, in lieu of that idea, let every candidate campaign with their own personal funds or funds raised on their behalf by election committees who can be seen and vetted by the voting public without all the mystery and definitely with none of the “Dark Money” that we keep hearing about.


The Arkansas Minimum Wage Experiment

Category: Business/Finance/Economy

I have read reports saying that the American State of Arkansas (My Mom lived in Arkansas for awhile a long time ago) is experimenting with what experts are calling “The Highest Effective Minimum Wage” on the continental United States.


The idea behind the economic experiment in Arkansas, as I understand it, is to determine whether the high minimum wage will raise minimum wage workers out of poverty or whether it will derail the State’s economy.

The figure that is being tossed around for the Arkansas experiment is reported to be $11.00-per-hour and this is reportedly an incrementalism that will bear full fruition by the year 2021.

The humorous side of this story (as far as I am concerned) is that somebody has reported that once the minimum wage workers in Arkansas have reached their $11.00 per hour plateau, they will be earning almost 70-percent as much money as the “Median” worker in the state.

It is my opinion that if the “Median” worker in the state is making that low of a wage, then there is something drastically amiss with the State’s economy from the get go because, in my humble opinion, nobody can reasonably expect to do all the things on a wage of $11.00 per hour that others do on much higher incomes. (Things like supporting a family or saving money for college and other things like those.)

“But minimum wage jobs were never intended to provide all the necessities and are designed as entry-level jobs for folks just coming into the Jobs Market and are meant to be stepping stones to higher paying jobs in any market” some people are contending.

That is all well and good until one considers that even though minimum wage jobs are designed as temporary entry-level jobs for new workers, there are a hell of a lot of elderly folks and retired folks who absolutely depend on them to supplement their retirement incomes or their social security or whatever, and to those folks, minimum wage jobs are life saving — and an $11.00 wage cap may not be entirely exciting for them.

I know some business people who will tell you, “If they keep on raising minimum wages, I will be forced to lay people off or to find a way to buy a robot and replace some folks (Like some fast food restaurant chains have already begun to do) or I will have to go out of business altogether.”

I know that as a consumer, I am not ready nor willing to shell out $25 for a common hamburger at a fast food restaurant and if the minimum wages get onto an upward-sliding scale that has no ceiling in sight, I am sure that kind of inflationary effect is inevitable.

I hope that when people start getting their minimum wage increases they also start learning that customers like their food hot and fresh and they appreciate being made to feel as if they were actually welcome in the business places where some of these surly-faced, seemingly uncaring low wage earners are employed.

Although I don’t know how the welfare systems work in all the states, I am hoping that once minimum wages go on their upward spiral all across the country that a lot of the welfare systems start denying benefits to some of those minimum wage earners on the argument that they earn too much money to receive welfare. —- In my opinion, there is no need for American Taxpayers to start subsidizing welfare recipients who suddenly find their windfall in the unchecked upward spirals of minimum wage increases.

I know the Left Wingers will not agree with this at all since they seem determined to give away the store to all the eaters and takers who are first in line with their hands out for more and more freebies.

The Fat Menagerie

From The Editor’s Desk

My stupid doctor insists that I must absolutely lose 8-inches from around my waist or I will probably die! —- I am 80-years-old and more or less muscle bound in the waist area and there is no way I am going to lose 8 inches from that area. —- I go around watching other people and you simply would not believe the number of other men I see out there where are not only 40 or more inches around the waist but who are more likely to be 60 or more inches around their waists. —- They don’t seem to be any worse for the wear.

I told my doctor that I will work on losing weight but he got all paranoid and belligerent and informed me that he doesn’t care whether I lose weight or not … it is not losing weight that he is obsessed with right now …. he is obsessed with me getting from my present 43-inch waist down to a 35 — and like I said, “I cannot see the possibility of that ever happening again in my lifetime.”

By the way, folks, this is an ageing Veterans’ Administration doctor that I am talking about here. This is the one who told me during my last visit that I was headed for a stroke and he didn’t care! —- If you are a veteran and you are reading this, I hope you are doing a lot better with your primary care physician than I am with mine. Maybe yours is somewhat sane anyway.

The mid-term elections are over in America now and people are breathing a sigh of relief. This one has been nerve-jangling and finger-biting and the airwaves have been virtually clogged with campaign advertising to the point that it over-saturated me and made me start to detest the very thought of electioneering.

But what people are failing to understand, I am afraid, is that now that the mid-terms for 2018 are over, the campaigning for the 2020 Presidential election will soon (too soon) get into full swing and we will have the same old media grind of endless screaming, accusing, negative advertising to contend with once again …. for two or more years …. non-stop … around the clock ….No peace to be found anywhere except in the mechanics of the human wrist that is capable of turning knobs and pressing buttons to turn the noise off ….. for a little while.