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The Older We Get The More Water We Need

When I went to an emergency room once ( a long time ago), the attending medical personnel ran some tests and discovered that, among other things, I was dehydrated at the time. (Keep in mind that I am 80-years-old and there is a bearing on age in what I am about to say.).



It appears that as we grow older, our “I need to drink water” sensors become duller and we actually do not know how often or how much liquids we really need to avoid becoming dehydrated. — I believe (My opinion only) this means that we have to take conscious note of how much we drink and when and how often and make sure we get enough life-sustaining liquid into our systems.

Of course, I am not a doctor or a health practitioner so I cannot suggest how much water anybody should be drinking — and, as always, you are cautioned not to take anything I write on this blog as advice ….. I do not give advice ….. I am not qualified to give advice ….. please understand this and act accordingly. —– You need to be talking to your personal physician about these things and if you are reading this blog post, then read it for entertainment value only. (Or for the sake of satisfying curiosity).

Here is a more comprehensive discussion of the “Water” thing for those who are interested: —- ( PLEASE CLICK HERE.)

I wouldn’t even be talking about this, this morning, if I had not been virtually “Jerked” out of a sound sleep at 4:30 AM with an overwhelming urge to get out of bed and go to the kitchen and draw myself a glass of water.


“Tons” of illegals reported voting in Texas

You will definitely want to check this out —– ( RIGHT ABOUT HERE).

I always thought that only legitimate citizens of The United States were allowed to vote.

I wonder how many illegal votes it would take to sway the outcome of an election?

Did somebody say our election system is broken?

Things I could Do Without On A Sunday Morning

Panic attacks is one of the things I can do without. —– I am speaking of those panic attacks associated with the Parasympathetic Nervous System where you have to breathe through a paper bag to slow your racing heart rate down.

Whenever I get one of these things, I also keep a bottle of lavender oil around because a few drops of the oil on a shirt sleeve or a pillow or something seems to help to calm me down and to mitigate the effects of the panic attacks.

The only reason I am talking about these things is because I had a panic attack yesterday for the first time in years and I have no idea of what might have triggered it. They are supposed to be stress-related and I cannot think of any kind of stress that I would be under. Thankfully everything has returned to normal and good this morning!

I had an idea that I might start using pre-packaged prepared frozen meals as part of my weight control efforts until I found out that they are really heavy on the salt and my blood pressure monitor does not like a lot of salt at all. So much for another “Good” brainfart that I had and have now flushed down the drain!



Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina

Genre: Moments Of Theatrical Inspiration (Music)

A blog — among other things — should be a little classy sometimes. Therefore I present the following for your perusal and approval …. and enjoyment …. especially your enjoyment: — ( CLICK HERE PLEASE)


Some background information that relates to “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina.”

The Old BMI Bugaboo

My doctor is addicted to his tape measure and everytime I go for a visit, he delights in dragging that thing our and throwing it around my waist and telling me that I am too fat.

I have gotten so used to my doctor doing that and now I have purchased a tape measure of my own and the next time I visit with my doctor and he tries to do that, I am going to draw my own tape out and tell him, “I’ve come prepared to do you too, doc… because you are fully as big around the middle as I am and I think we need to compare measurements!”

Now lately, my doctor has become infatuated with talking about my Body Mass Index (BMI) as a measure of my overweight condition and the BMI measurement was never intended to be used by a sawbones to diagnose either the amount of overweight that I might be or my general health.

BMI is an “Indicator” but it is never the final do-all, be-all authoritarian measurement for diagnosis — (according to publications from the U.S. Government.).

If you have encountered the BMI bugaboo, you might find the following information to be extremely interesting and perhaps even helpful —- ( RIGHT ABOUT HERE.)


The New “Christian” Music

Category: RELIGION

Am I the only person in the world who recognizes the fact that there is a lot of new music coming onto the market with the label “Christian Music” in which there isn’t a single reference to either Jesus or The Lord or God — and not a single line of Scripture or a mention of the Holy Bible in any of the lyrics?

Are we to assume then, that if a person who claims to be Christian or who is generally recognized as Christian writes a song, we are to automatically accept it as a worship and praise song dedicated to the greater glory of our blessed Savior?

Is that even possible?

Will I then live to see the day when somebody publishes a version of The Holy Bible in which there will not be a single mention of The Lord, “God” or “Jesus” and in which every word indicating the gender of a human being will be removed in an effort to appease the agnostics and the secularists among us?