We are called to righteous living


Posted by John Liming on Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Are You Feeling Weak Today?

The Lord Jesus Christ is your strength and your salvation and you need fear nothing or nobody!

The Lord is your rock, and your fortress, and your deliverer; your God, your strength, in whom you can and should place all your trust. The Lord Jesus Christ is your buckler, and the horn of your salvation, and your high tower.” (Adapted from Psalm 18:2).

What is a “Buckler?” —– A “Buckler” was a small shield, commonly worn on the left arm by soldiers in combat. Another definition of “Buckler” is “Protector.” —– Thus, The Lord is your protector in all circumstances and all the time …. no exceptions ….. He never fails!

“The Horn Of Your Salvation” —- “Horn” is used many times in the Bible. It generally¬† refers to “Potency and Power.” —– Since all power in heaven and earth now resides in the Hands of Jesus Christ, there can be no doubt that Jesus is sufficiently empowered to meet and conquer every challenge that faces the believer!

“Your High Tower” —- High towers were tall structures used as fortifications during wars and sieges in the past days talked about in the Bible. —– The Holy Ghost who is a gift from Jesus Christ to believers is definitely a sufficient fortification against all the evils that can assail a person.

Since Jesus is a real and living person (Even though not always visible to the naked eye) it is a really good idea to take all your problems, vexations and challenges to Him in prayer and then to release them into His capable Hands and wait and watch for the inspiration that He sends to you to overcome all that plagues you …. or wait and watch for the miracle that He performs in His own good time and in His own good way to free you from everything the devil tries to throw at you.

This is nothing new! —- The most fortunate of human beings have been walking in the Light of Jesus Christ for more than Two Thousand years now and He has never ever lied to any of them or disappointed a single one of them …. because He is all light and cannot lie and is perfectly capable and willing to do the things that He says He can and will do for you.”