Expensive Holes

There are some fashion designers out there who are selling “Ripped” jeans and making a fortune from cutting or tearing holes in their product and then offering them for sale to the fashion-conscious public.

I am all in favor of the jeans manufacturers and designers making their fortunes by mauling and mutilating their products anyway their little hearts desire but as for me, I go to the thrift shop and buy an old used pair of jeans for $3 or $4 and then go home and make my own holes in them.

I love fashion trends that come and go.

Back in the 1960s when I was a certified “Hippie,” I even owned a tie-dyed loincloth at one point and I thought I was the coolest-looking dude on two legs.

You remember “Tie-Dyed” clothes, don’t you? They looked like this: