How Many Calories?

First of all, I am not a physical fitness expert so do not (I repeat, “Do Not” copycat anything I talk about here unless you clear it with your personal physician.

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I am speaking of things that I do for myself and that I have found to be beneficial for ME. The reason I am presenting this information here is so maybe somebody else might find it interesting, motivating or inspiring to some degree.

They are always telling me that if I am going to achieve any significant control over my body weight, then I am going to have to be a calorie counter whether I like the idea or not.

So what is my response to this?

My response has been that I have become a calorie-counting freak and I keep a daily food diary in which I record every bite that goes into my mouth and the number of calories that I consume with every morsel.

Does this help me at all? —– I cannot definitely answer that question because there seems to be some psychological demon inside of me that forces me to eat enough calories every day to stay at a constant weight — a weight that my doctor says is too much — but a weight that, so far, doesn’t seem to have done me too much harm —- In my last blood test my cholesterol levels were “Ideal.”

So does all the journaling help? —– I cannot honestly say for sure but I have a sneaking opinion that if I didn’t do it, I would probably weigh closer to a ton now than I ever have … LOL. (Not really a joking matter!).

Since I am more than 60 years of age (I’m 80), I try to keep my calorie intake at a minimum of 1,600 per day when I am not working out at the gym or walking outside or whatever — and on the days when I am more active (Like working out) then I try to keep my calories somewhere near the 1,800 per day level. I am told that these are the figures that are best for my purposes.


I know that I do not have the metabolism that I had when I was a lot younger. Sometimes I think that if I didn’t eat anything but bread and water all day long I would gain pounds and pounds of extra weight.

I think our local water supply has enough foreign solids in it that it could qualify more as a food than a drink and God only knows the number of calories I would be packing on if I were to drink tap water from where I live —- so I drink bottled water.

I consulted a dietician once about adjustments that I ought to be making to my eating habits and what I got in return for my money was a dietician that spent 3/4 of the time allotted for my visit talking to somebody on her phone and talking with some old guy who kept sticking his head into her office while I was sitting there —- and in the end, the dietician handed me a printed sheet of paper with dietary advice printed on it that I had learned in pre-school. That was supposed to be my “Expertly-prepared personalized diet plan” and I promptly threw it into the trash the minute I left her office.

My doctor wanted me to go on a diet that included absolutely nothing that was white in color or that came in a can, package or box with labels on them — He called it a “No White” diet and I found it to be so hard to adhere to that I quickly abandoned it.

I suggest consulting with your doctor on questions concerning diet and lifestyle changes, but at one and the same time, I would also like to advise people to make sure their doctor has at least a modicum of knowledge about nutrition before wasting their time. There are doctors who do have knowledge and experience in matters pertaining to healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes — They are out there somewhere — and that is the kind that I would trust if it were me.

I think I have been lucky over the years — lucky and blessed by God — because I have managed to eat all the things recommended on all the experts’ food recommendations — including the government food chart recommendations (The Food Pyramid) and somehow I have managed to survive and am still here.


The Fat Menagerie

From The Editor’s Desk

My stupid doctor insists that I must absolutely lose 8-inches from around my waist or I will probably die! —- I am 80-years-old and more or less muscle bound in the waist area and there is no way I am going to lose 8 inches from that area. —- I go around watching other people and you simply would not believe the number of other men I see out there where are not only 40 or more inches around the waist but who are more likely to be 60 or more inches around their waists. —- They don’t seem to be any worse for the wear.

I told my doctor that I will work on losing weight but he got all paranoid and belligerent and informed me that he doesn’t care whether I lose weight or not … it is not losing weight that he is obsessed with right now …. he is obsessed with me getting from my present 43-inch waist down to a 35 — and like I said, “I cannot see the possibility of that ever happening again in my lifetime.”

By the way, folks, this is an ageing Veterans’ Administration doctor that I am talking about here. This is the one who told me during my last visit that I was headed for a stroke and he didn’t care! —- If you are a veteran and you are reading this, I hope you are doing a lot better with your primary care physician than I am with mine. Maybe yours is somewhat sane anyway.

The mid-term elections are over in America now and people are breathing a sigh of relief. This one has been nerve-jangling and finger-biting and the airwaves have been virtually clogged with campaign advertising to the point that it over-saturated me and made me start to detest the very thought of electioneering.

But what people are failing to understand, I am afraid, is that now that the mid-terms for 2018 are over, the campaigning for the 2020 Presidential election will soon (too soon) get into full swing and we will have the same old media grind of endless screaming, accusing, negative advertising to contend with once again …. for two or more years …. non-stop … around the clock ….No peace to be found anywhere except in the mechanics of the human wrist that is capable of turning knobs and pressing buttons to turn the noise off ….. for a little while.

Bellies Are Gods To Some People

Philippians 3:19 King James Version (KJV)

19 Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.)

” … Whose God is their belly …..”

Being obese because I love food a little too much (I am praying for forgiveness), I have decided to try a new protein-based milkshake.

For the time being, I will drink this shake twice a day — once for breakfast and once for my evening meal and I will have a nicely-proportioned, well-balanced meal (Heavy on vegetables) for the Noon-time meal.

This might help me and it might not.

Please understand that I am not recommending that anybody else use this drink. I am sharing this information for the sake of friends who might find it interesting but I repeat, I am not recommending this to anybody else besides myself.

Here is how it shakes out. (Pun intended):

In an electric blender I am placing the following ingredients:

8 ounces lowfat milk

1 banana

1/2 cup Greek-style yogurt

1/4 block extra firm plain tofu

1 scoop whey protein powder

1 teaspoon raw unfiltered honey to sweeten.

I am setting the blender speed to “Smoothie” and letting it run (supervised of course; never unattended) for 15 to 30 seconds.

The total calorie count on this thing is somewhere in the neighborhood of 455 to 500 calories — ( a little more or a little less) —

Two of these and a decent meal at Noontime will average out at about 1,600 to 1,800 calories which should be sufficient to get my weight down safely and consistently.

The main thing about this approach is that I tire of things quickly and I might abandon this idea if it doesn’t work as good or as fast for me as I think it should.

One other thing that I need a lot of is patience. I am praying that God increase my patience.