Well, I tried the celery smoothie but …

Medical Disclaimer — Read this first — ( CLICK HERE TO READ)


It was good ….. It took me a few minutes to get used to the taste — Celery can be bitter — but if it is buffered with some chopped dates added to the blender, it becomes more tolerable — an apple helps too — as does a banana.

But now that I have tried it and discovered the fiber benefits and the nutritional benefits —-( CHECK THIS OUT ) —-and now that I have begun to enjoy the possibilities, I run aground on the dark side …. the side where reports abound about celery containing e-coli germs or virus or whatever …. and I get told that sometimes eating raw celery can be very dangerous to health. —- ( FOOD POISONING BULLETIN ).

Is nothing safe to consume anymore? — Is everything I put into my mouth going to end up with me playing some kind of lottery game with my personal health … perhaps even my life?

Are Green Smoothies actually good for me if I can navigate past all the threatening aspects that I have been hearing and seeing on the major media? — ( HERE )

What is one to do?