Editor’s Desk

I have been working on this blog for more than 7 years now and so far, I have never gotten it exactly the way I want it and I have been messing with the format for all those years. Call it “artistic license” if you prefer.

I should have known that presenting the blog in the form of an imaginative fantasy newspaper would probably be the best bet, but I am not the sharpest tack in the pack so some of these obvious things do not occur to me easily.

So now, being very much advanced in age, I am of the deteriorating mindset that calls for inventiveness and unashamed audacity in manipulating these words and these pages to please my most eccentric intellectual palate and to appeal to the more intellectually adventuresome among my readers and potential readers.

Therefore, we shall now endeavor to re-do our categories to match those of the ordinary daily or weekly newspaper found commonly in the small communities scattered across the face of America and see how that sticks to the wall where I like to bounce things off of.

The one thing that will probably remain missing is the comic page. I have to offer my own particular form of nightmarish mental mendacity in lieu of the comic pages and I am fairly well convinced that most people (the ones who are not offended at my often virulence) will find me funny as hell.

So bear with me while I work on this thing and thanks for your patience and continued patronage.