Celery/Banana/Apple Smoothie

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Sometimes I like a smoothie for a quick and nutritious breakfast and one of my favorites has become the celery/banana/apple/whey protein smoothie — and here is how I make mine: (Procedure follows the picture below):


I use a powerful blender — a blender that is powerful enough to crush ice cubes — because that is the kind of blender that is most likely to deliver to you a smoothie in which there are no lumps.

Into the blender goes the following ingredients:

Two cups water
Six stalks celery (I always wash my celery first and I like the organic kind even though it tends to be more expensive than the kind that might be loaded down with pesticide residue.)
Two bananas (Pre chopped to help the blender work more efficiently).
One medium raw apple which has been peeled and cored. (I like Red Delicious or Golden Delicious for my smoothies.) (Any apple is fine.).
One heaping scoop of any good whey protein powder. (I like the vanilla-flavored kind for my own smoothies.).

I blend this mixture in the blender for at least 60 seconds … sometimes more … until it becomes smooth enough to suit my tastes.

As constituted, I have estimated that this smoothie contains a total of somewhere in the range of 520 calories which means that I drink half of it for breakfast (260 calories).

Sometimes I add 150 calories (Average serving) of prepared oatmeal to the meal. When I do that, I end up with a 410 calorie breakfast.) — Add one boiled egg to the meal and you end up with somewhere near to a 510 calorie breakfast.

Because this smoothie is filled with fiber, I discovered that it took me a couple of days to get used to it. My body had to adjust to the extra fiber load and for the first day or two this smoothie sent me to the bathroom rather more than regularly. — But by about the Third day, my body had adjusted to the extra fiber load and things went nicely after that adjustment period.

I thought the celery gave the entire mixture a rather strange, somewhat bitter flavor to begin with, but I also discovered that the taste was something I quickly got used to and now I find it delicious.


I am trying a celery smoothie

Before you read this article, you need to read my medical disclaimer which you can read if you will take your mouse and click on the following link: — ( MY DISCLAIMER.)

I am going to make myself a celery smoothing when I wake up in the morning (If I wake up in the morning) (Never can take anything for granted, can we?) —- I have been in the mood lately to start trying some “Green” drinks and see if I can gain any noticeable benefit from them.

The short video talks about a kind of “Ultimate” Green drink, and I will get around to trying the one in the video, but for starters, I am going to add a cup of water and four (4) stalks of washed, Organic celery to a high-speed blender and chug it down and see what happens. (Very simple, very uncomplicated!)

But here is the short video about another such drink which I will get around to trying sometime in the near future: